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February is the month of love!

Foxy Blogs asked a selection of readers, bloggers and authors to share, with all of us, about LOVE.

Today author Katee Robert will be sharing  her favorite quote & love inspiration.




Favorite Love Quote

“Love is an open wound you hope never heals.”
– Tiffany Reisz, The Angel



Love Inspiration

What Love Means to Me 

Love is one of those complicated emotions that can be so very, very good and turn devastating on the flip of a coin. For me, the pillar of goodness can be seen in my grandparents’ relationship. They were married right in the midst of WWII—they met when my grandpa was an airman and my grandmother was a nurse. It took him a few days to work up the courage to ask her out and he said, “Hey, doll, how about a date?” And she turned around and ripped him a new one.

Sixty-five years and five children later, she was still a little spitfire and he still had a joy about him that made everyone in his presence happy. What they taught me is that love is great, but it’s work and choosing that person over and over again, day after day, that makes a relationship go the distance.

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The Marriage Contract (The O'Malleys, #1) The Wedding Pact (The O'Malleys, #2)
The Marriage Contract (book #1) released June 2, 2015.
The Wedding Pact (book #2) will release April 26, 2016. Available for pre-orders.

A fun video where Katee shares her bookshelves with her fans.


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5 thoughts on “♥ With Love from Katee Robert + #giveaway @katee_robert

  1. WOW! Bookshelf envy is totally a thing. Who knew?!
    Loved hearing about Katee’s book collection. Tiny Dictator’s babbling in the background was adorable.

    Can’t wait for The Wedding Pact.

    Thanks for sharing and the giveaway!

  2. hmmmm…my TBR for 2016 is already geting bigger and bigger…

    Look we all have inspirations from our grandparents 🙂

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