✿ Happy Book Birthday ✿ Divergent by @VeronicaRothturns ❥ 4 years old!

coollogo_com-96061DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth

Divergent turns four years old today!

I was introduced to Divergent in the summer of 2012.  My cousin contacted me and said that I needed to buy this book for my daughter.  Since my daughter’s birthday was coming up in July  I purchased the book as a present for her. But I read it first… just to make sure it was appropriate. *lol*  Of course, I loved it.  Then I bought book 2 and by the end of the book I realized I enjoy the dystopian genre.  This series was my only introduction to the genre.  I still haven’t read or seen The Hunger GamesBut I do plan to read those books at some point.

My teen loved the first two books and became obsessed with Four which I’m sure most pre-teen and teenage girls were fangirling over him.  Book Four/Tobias was very swoon-worthy.

Two things that were a downfall about the series, for me, were:

(1) the fact the final book didn’t release until October 2013.  That’s a long time to wait for the conclusion.

(2) How the conclusion played out.  My review was short because I was in denial with how the book wrapped up.

Divergent the movie came out last spring. My teen thought the movie lacked in the side characters because there wasn’t any interaction between them.  Unlike the book where we get to know those characters better. But overall it’s worth watching.


Birthday Stats:

May 3, 2011 released

496 pages

14,194 (5-star reviews)

3,862 (4-star reviews)

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