✿ Happy Book Birthday ✿ Rock with Me by @Handbagjunkie ❥ 2 years old!

coollogo_com-96061ROCK WITH ME by Kristen Proby

Rock with Me turns two years old today!

The With Me In Seattle series  focuses on adult siblings that are based in Seattle.  The series is a continuing story where secondary characters from the first book become the main focus in subsequent books.  The complete series is made up of eight books plus one novella.

I’ve read the first 7 books.  I do plan to read the final book in the series…  I just need to work it into my reading schedule.

Below are the couples and their song (from the book):

Book One:

Natalie & Luke


Book Two:

Jules & Nate

Book Three:

Meg & Will

Book Four:

Samantha & Leo

(Leo’s song he wrote-Sunshine)

Book Five:

Brynna & Caleb

Book Six:

Matt & Nic

(No song in the book)

Book Seven:

Mark & Meredith

(No song in the book)

Book Eight:

Dominic & Alecia

(not sure if they have a song because I haven’t read their book yet)

My top three favorite books in the series are as follows: Play with Me, Fight with Me, and Rock with Me.  My overall favorite guy from the series is Will from  Play with Me.  He is a professional football player; I loved him.

If  rockers are your thing then Rock with Me will the hit the spot. Leo is a rock star who falls for Samantha. While neither one of these characters are part of the main family- Montgomery’s, they are connected to the family (see the family tree below).

I love rock & roll

While reading this series I created a family tree so I would be able to keep track of everyone.

Family Tree:
Parents: both deceased
Child: Natalie
Significant other: Natalie/Luke

Parents: Steven and Gail
Children: Jules, Matt, Caleb, Will, Isaac, Dominic, (family “adopted” Natalie)
Significant other: Jules/Nate, Isaac/Stacy, Will/Meg, Caleb/Brynna, Matt/Nic

Parents: Neil and Lucy
Children: Luke, Samantha, Mark
Significant other: Luke/Natalie, Samantha/Leo, Mark/Meredith

Parent: Sylvia (dead beat parent)
Child: Meg (Leo “foster brother”)
Significant other: Meg/Will, Leo/Samantha

Guess what?! The first book in the series is FREE right now. You can give the series a try and see what you think.  The first book was a tad bit of  the sweet side  but the following books are spicier.  The series has a little something for everyone depending on what you like: football player to former Navy Seal to rocker to police officer.  Just to name a few.

Birthday Stats:

April 30, 2013 released

296 pages

448 (5-star reviews)

132 (4-star reviews)

Rock with Me on Amazon | Goodreads

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