3 short non-fiction reviews

3 short non-fiction reviews


Everything Beautiful in Its Time is Jenna’s reflection of her growing up into adulthood. I really enjoyed hearing the stories of her childhood and the letters she shared.

Audiobook source: Library/Overdrive
Narrator: Jenna Bush Hager
Length: 5H 1M

WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU MAKES YOU BLACKER is a memoir in essays. Damon Young shares his experiences as a black man in the United States.

I came upon this book when I was looking through the library catalog. I looked it up and saw it on the NPR site.

One thing a reader should know before going into this book – the n-word is used a lot.

Audiobook source: Library/Overdrive
Narrator: Damon Young
Length: 8H 11M


Make It Stick is a book about learning and how to do it best.

Chapter 1 – “Learning is Misunderstood.”
Chapter 2 – “To Learn, Retrieve.”
Chapter 3 – “Mix Up Your Practice.”
Chapter 4 – “Embrace Difficulties.”
Chapter 5 – “Avoid Illusions of Knowing.”
Chapter 6 – “Get Beyond Learning Styles.”
Chapter 7 – “Increase Your Abilities.”
Chapter 8 – “Make it Stick.”

Chapter 8 really intrigued me because this is where the author provides suggestions on how to put all of this in motion. He gives suggestions for students, teachers, and lifelong learners on how to implement these practices. One thing the book touched on briefly was the Kaizen method (continuous improvement) used by Toyota. In the summer of 2019, I took a tour of the Toyota plant in Kentucky. It was amazing seeing how efficiently run the factory was.

Audio book source: Hoopla
Narrator: Qarie Marshall
Length: 8H 34M

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