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Readers love to share about books they’re reading. We asked readers to recommend a book they enjoyed which most of their friends had not read. We’ll be sharing what we learned and hopefully you’ll find a new book to read. I know my TBR list will be growing as we get introduced to all these books.

Today Desirae from Books, Chocolate and Lipglass is sharing ➜ Rule Master by Sienna Snow

Wow.. I am totally surprised by this book. By this series. It’s totally not what I expected, and I mean that in the best possible. I am so addicted to Lex and Max. How Lex managed to be okay with their relationship being kept private and a secret for a decade is beside me. Not only that, the way she acted in public and he just had to sit back and watch, and let it happen. But, at least he did get her nights… and her kneeling…. and her submission.

I don’t even know what to say about this. And the strangest part, is I say this with a geeky smile on my face. Seriously.. I”m just… YES! That’s all I can think of. I’m shaking my head, smiling and just repeating in my head…. yes! yes! yes!

This series, this book, is such a great mixture or Erotica, Romance, Dark Romance, and Suspense. You have so much going on. And Lex… he’s such a strong male lead, Sienna had to give him a strong female lead, and boy did she. Milla is strong, independent, intelligent, sassy, everything you know an alpha male needs, but when she submits, she doesn’t lose herself. In fact, he calls her his brat, because she brings that into the bedroom with her, and he LOVES it. I mean, she gets sassy and gets spanked or punished, and boy is Lex sexy when he’s punishing her..I mean what’s not to love…. you know what I’m saying.

But the drama guys, the DRAMA! Oh my god. It’s a continuation of book one, which is why I stress you need to read that one. The bad guy, Christof, the stalking, the pictures, the meeting, the threats.. It’s INSANE! Once you get sucked into this tale of craziness, you won’t want to put it down!

I have never read Sienna Snow. So to be given a chance to read this new series to me, and to be so blown away by it, is just absolutely fantastic. I will say this. This may be a stand alone, but you want to read book one first, RULE BREAKER. So much more of this story makes sense if you read book one.


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