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Readers love to share about books they’re reading. We asked readers to recommend a book they enjoyed which most of their friends had not read. We’ll be sharing what we learned and hopefully you’ll find a new book to read. I know my TBR list will be growing as we get introduced to all these books.

Today Pavlina from Read More Sleep Less is sharing ➜ THE PAPER SWAN by Leylah Attar


Such an amazing story! This is my first book from Leylah Attar so I didn’t know what to expect!What I find? A beautiful, intense and emotional story!With suspense, mystery and some dark moments which kept me on the edge of my seat until the end of the story!I can admit that I haven’t read something like this before!It’s so unique and I was so captivated from the writing which is so beautiful and poetic!

This story is about revenge, secret, lies, redemption, forgiveness, love and passion and you can feel all of them!!I don’t want to ruin it so I will not say anything else about the plot!Because I want you to devour it like I did!

The characters felt so real and I couldn’t stop myself from loving them!I seriously adored them even though there are moments that you are pissed with both characters you still feel the love, the intensity and the passion between them!I liked that we can see the story from both pointof views!This makes the story so understandable!

I don’t say much about the covers in my reviews but seriously this one is so beautiful!I fell in love with it the first moment I saw it!!! The cover and the title suits the story perfectly!

This is one of these stories that will stay with me forever!I haven’t read something like this before!If you are looking for something original then you should definitely read this on!

!I highly recommend it to everyone!!You will not regret it!!Now I’m more eager to read 53 Letters for My Lover!! *This is not a love triangle!*


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