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Dive Bar, #1
Kylie Scott

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The last thing Vaughan Hewson expects to find when he returns to his childhood home is a broken hearted bride in his shower, let alone the drama and chaos that come with her.

Lydia Green doesn't know whether to scream or cry in a corner. Discovering the love of your life is having an affair on your wedding day is bad enough. Finding out it's with his best man is another thing all together.

Just when this runaway bride has nowhere left to turn, a handsome stranger offers her a broad, muscular shoulder to cry on. Vaughan is the exact opposite of the picture perfect, respected businessmen she's normally drawn to. This former musician-turned-bartender is rough around the edges and is facing his own crossroads. But Lydia's already tried Mr. Right and discovered he's all wrong--maybe it's time to give Mr. Right Now a chance.

After all, what's wrong with getting dirty?


Kylie Scott

Dirty by Kylie Scott


“You’re thinking I’m bat-shit crazy now, aren’t you?”
One thing that’s always a guarantee with a Kylie Scott book is you are in for a fun time. Her characters are always the life of the party and the story lines have you both laughing and cheering for them. The situation the characters find themselves in are ones that make for amusing reads. And this book was no exception… here we have a runaway bride who ends up breaking into a stranger’s house where he finds her hiding out in his bathtub. Yep, ‘You’re thinking bat-shit crazy.’

“I want the full Vaughan Hewson Coeur d’Alene seduction experience, please.”
I’ll sign up for that seduction experience too. I have a thing for this author’s heroes. They have this quality about them where they are a bad-ass on the outside but a big teddy bear to the girl they like. *hearts eyes for a guy like that*

I love the chaos that ensues in a book by Kylie Scott. I love knowing when I open a book by her I’m in for a fun ride and a DIRTY time. Fans of Kylie Scott are going to love this new series! It has all her key elements for an entertaining read.


**Complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.**


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