Hell’s Kitchen by Callie Hart & Lili St. Germain {arc review}

Hell's Kitchen
Hell's Kitchen
Callie Hart, Lili St. Germain

Foxy’s Review:


Hell’s Kitchen is a story of two rivalling mafia families. Things heat up right away when the Barbieri boys are instructed to abduct the daughter of their enemy.
”The sins of the father are visited upon the heads of his children.”

Besides the uniqueness of two authors collaborating on a story …it has viewpoints from all the main characters. Having the voices for that many characters was a new experience for me because in other books I’ve only seen it done in third person.

Two couples make a cameo in this series; one from each authors previous work. I have not read Lili St. Germain’s series: Gypsy Brothers so I wasn’t not familiar with the back story on her characters. Which I don’t think matters because their role, so far, added to the steaminess of the story.
I, however, did know the other couple in the story, Zeth & Sloane. I read their series last week and all I can say is WOW! Blood & Roses rocked my world.

Overall, Hell’s Kitchen is a quick read with lots of action. One of my favorite parts is how the authors ended the story. The twist at the end had me doing an evil grin. ♥ One more thing since I was asked a couple times if this was about the TV show -> Hell’s Kitchen with Chef Ramsey. No, Hell’s Kitchen is a neighborhood in Manhattan.


TEAM BARBIERI or connected to the Barbieri’s:
Roberto – Italian mafia and dad to Theo and Sal.

Theo – brother to Sal. Their father, Roberto, wants them to kidnap his rivals daughter, Kaitlyn.

Sal – brother to Theo.

TEAM McLAUGHLIN or connected to the McLaughlin’s:
Patrick – Irish mafia and dad to Kaityln

Kaityln – daughter to a man in the Irish mafia. Spoiled.

Gracie – Kaitlyn’s body guard.

Scarlett – waitress, ex-con, former actress. Takes a steady diet of booze and pills.

CAMEOS from other series:
Zeth/Sloane – Blood & Roses series
Jase/Julz – Gypsy Brothers

Hell's Kitchen (Hell's Kitchen, #1) by Callie Hart Tribeca (Hell's Kitchen, #2) by Callie Hart Bleecker Street (Hell's Kitchen, #3) by Callie Hart
Continuing story.

**Complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.**

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