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Love Show
Audrey Bell

Aaaaah, a ‘rom com’ college romance. Who doesn’t love a good chick flick? I love those feel good movies and books. You always know you are in for angst, romance and comedy.

One of my favorite rom-com movie is The Proposal.
Hadley is a heroine similar to Sandra Bullock in The Proposal…career focused. No time for a boyfriend and determined to do everything in her power to make sure romance is off the plate.Jack is the loyal to the end hero. At times he had me “aaaaah-ing” for how sweet he was in certain situations.

Not wanting to turn out like her mom, going from guy to guy, Hadley won’t allow herself to be vulnerable. Unlike Jack who laid his heart on the table Hadley just can’t let go enough to do that. It isn’t until Hadley’s dream job becomes a reality that she begins questioning her choices to hold her family and friends at an arms length.

Love Show has song, book and movie references throughout it. My friend, Kat, did a review listing the movie references. Click here to see her awesome review.


**Complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.**

Goodreads review including the status updates ->

love show


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