Meet #YourNextBBF: Donnie (Hidden Worthiness by @sfanetti) #giveaway

Welcome to our stop on the Meet Your Next Book Boyfriend tour! I’m highlighting Donnie from Hidden Worthiness by Susan Fanetti.

Donnie is known as “The Face.”
The name was born from his face being severely scarred.
From the depths of those scars was a born a man who is a well-respected and a man of influence.

(Susan Fanetti’s dream cast)

♥ A Love Letter from Donnie to Arianna ♥

Arianna, my love,


The first time I saw you, you were on this stage. The first time I saw you see me, as I am, you were on this stage.


I am the luckiest man in the world, because I love you, and know your love. In loving you, being loved by you, I have seen my true self, and know my true worth.


You made me whole. You brought love to my life when I thought it was lost to me forever. I will love you with all I have for the rest of my life and whatever comes after. You are everything to me.


I know you’re nervous about dancing Giselle, but I know you will be brilliant tonight, because you are the brightest star, and your light can’t help but shine. This stage is yours. You are Arianna, dancing.


And I will be here watching you on this stage, loving you, being dazzled by you. Always and forever.


Ti amo, stella mia. Per sempre.




Twenty years ago, as a young Pagano Brothers soldier, Donnie Goretti was horribly injured on the job. The devastating scars of that attack led him to be known as “The Face.”

Since then, he’s been alone, reminded daily that he’s too ugly to look at, much less to love. He devoted himself instead to his work, and he rose through the ranks to become the underboss of the Pagano Brothers family. 

Now, he is a man of wealth, influence, and respect. In the day, he’s a powerful executive and philanthropist. In the night, he’s the don’s ruthless right hand. When he wants companionship, he has it; there will always be women attracted to his status. But he harbors no delusions that they care about him. How could they, when they can hardly bear to look at him?

When he meets Arianna Luciano, a principal dancer with the Rhode Island Ballet, Donnie offers her the same arrangement he’s offered many other women. He’s armored his heart with cool reserve and an arsenal of iron-clad rules about what he expects, what he’ll allow, and what he’ll give in exchange.

But Ari doesn’t like rules, and she wants no part of Donnie’s offer. She sees his scars as signs of his pain, markers of his history. They are nothing to be ashamed of. They don’t diminish his worth. She wants the chance to fall in love.

If only she could make him believe it. 


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