Play It Again, SAHM

Play It Again, SAHM Book Cover Play It Again, SAHM
Meredith Efken


After years of friendship, the women of the SAHM I Am e-mail loop are finally meeting in person. But with two new moms trying to blend in with Dulcie and the gang, there's bound to be trouble!

Earth-mother Iona and young mom Hannah are thrilled to join the weekend getaway sans hubbies and kids. But sparks fly when Hannah's know-it-all attitude clashes with the Queen of Ego, Rosalyn. When things go from bad to worse, one mom must step in to save the weekend from total disaster!

Foxy's Review:

PLAY IT AGAIN, SAHM is compilation of emails, texts and instant messages between a group of Christian stay-at-home-moms who have formed a support group named – [SAHM I AM]. 

Their questions and drama remind me of when my kids were little and the issues I faced as a stay-at-home-mom:
• what kind of birthday party to throw – to –
• do we need to give all of our kids equal number Christmas presents – to –
• feeling inadequate because I don’t make my own baby food, etc.

These quirky Christian women are from all over the country and each have a distinct personality. Each woman shares her daily struggles with the group and as a result they try help each other by offering advice. Mayhem often follows as they try to solve their everyday problems.

Play It Again [SAHM I AM] is a fun fast paced book that made me laugh. It doesn’t have any chapters which makes makes the flow of the book feel quick.

Sahm I Am At Home for the Holidays Play It Again, SAHM (Life, Faith & Getting It Right #27) (Steeple Hill Cafe)

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