Kim Bailey

Complex Kisses

Publication Date: December 29, 2016
Genres: Contemporary, Romance

One day left before this book releases!!! I’m so excited that this is all happening for Kim!  Since I got to read an early copy of this book I’m going to post my review now!
Congrats, Kim!!!!

 What happens when your bestie & blogging partner tells you she’s written a book? You freak out!!!


I had the privilege of reading Kim’s book ahead of release date. I read the first couple of chapters and texted Kim right away. Here’s the thing . . . I talk to Kim every day so when I started this book I was blown away. It was like who is this person that I’ve been sharing all my intimate secrets with for the last few years. Where was my Kimmie and what have you done with her?!

I questioned her if she really wrote this book and below is part of what transpired between us.


Then I asked her again to double check that she really wrote this book. *lol*

Of course, once I got over my intentional shock that this book was really happening I started to hear Kim’s voice throughout the story. Hello?! Sarcasm is like a second language for her and the characters pulled that off effortlessly.

COMPLEX KISSES is amply named. The story took me from laughing to shock and surprise. I’m really excited for everyone to read this book. I’m still blown away that all of this is happening. I’m very proud of Kim!!


**Complimentary copy written by my bestie and blogging partner in exchange for an honest review.**

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