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Eighteen (18): Based on a True Story Book Cover Eighteen (18): Based on a True Story
JA Huss


Eighteen is hard.
And so is Mateo Alesci.
Hard to read, hard to predict, hard in every way that counts.
He wants things from me.
Dirty things, nasty things, forbidden things.
And I have to give in.
His attention is completely inappropriate, but I can’t say no.
The way he looks at me… the way he watches me through my bedroom window… the way he drags me deeper and deeper into his completely forbidden fantasy just… turns me on.
He knows it turns me on.
He holds all the power. He holds all the cards. He holds my entire future in his hands.
And I have to give in.
Because Mr. Alesci is my teacher.
And I need everything he’s offering.


JA Huss

Eighteen by J.A. Huss

When I saw JA Huss had a new book based on a true story (hers) come out and it was listed for $.99 [] I didn’t even think twice. You can’t buy very many things in life for $.99 and this one promised to give us a glimpse into an author I’ve been reading for the last 3 years life.

“Happy birthday. Welcome to eighteen.”
Shannon has a shitty 18th birthday. I remember my 18th birthday and what my life was like and I can honestly say I don’t know anyone who had this type of upbringing. It made her into a tough girl- one who is just trying to graduate high school with as little drama as possible. Unfortunately, that’s not what she gets.

“You’re creepy, Mateo.”
Yea, I agree with Shannon that for the beginning of the book Mateo came off in a less desirable way for me. But once I saw his motives I got more on board. And yet my heart was still holding out for her friend, Sunday.

“Welcome to eighteen, Shannon…
The age when life gets to kick your ass over and over and all you get to do is stand there and take it.”
My son turns 18 in 4 days. Let’s hope his ass kicking is less dramatic than what Shannon endeared. *fingers crossed*

‘Life isn’t all or nothing, it’s something in between.’
I love that message this book brings to these characters. We don’t get to pick the hand we’re dealt but we do get to choose how we react to the situation. Watching Shannon grow and change gives hope to those out there feeling like life dealt them a crap hand. Hang in there! As Mateo said to Shannon, “I like you. Keep going.”


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