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”Guys like Blake Daniels are bad news.”
Blake “The Snake”, is a UFL fighter who has an attitude of indifference along with a reputation of being a manwhore. But he wasn’t always that way. As a child he was a sweet loving boy. His father changed his world and his views of the world with his no nonsense approach to parenting him and his brother. He went’from being a protective kid to a resentful adult.’

”I’m a little crazy, broken, and a mess.”
Layla has a lot of insecurities. I mean a lot! She drove me nuts. Blake couldn’t look sideways without her jumping to conclusions that he must be sleeping with “that” girl. I actually started to feel bad for him. I get why she had so many hang ups. She came from a loveless marriage, more than that, it was a gunshot marriage. She had been 16 when she got pregnant. Her parents wanted her ‘honor’ protected by having the guy ‘do the right thing.’ Needless to say, that was a not a good decision on her parents part.

”I dig that you’re older. Chick my age act like toddlers hopped up on helium.”
Yep. Layla was cradle robbing with Blake. But in actuality her behavior was very immature which made Blake seem older than her. I know her forced marriage left her emotionally stunted but some of her actions (view spoiler) were something I’d expect from a much younger character not a woman in her thirties.

”Between my dad and her ex, we’re both brainwashed and bruised.”
The baggage they brought along in their relationship made them fight to be together. Luckily, Blake had worked through most of his baggage that what he brought to the table with stability and trust helped Layla and her daughter move forward.

I’m at the end of my review wrapping things up. I read book 1 two years ago and, while that feels like a life time ago, I do remember liking it. Unfortunately, for this book, the majority of it had things that just didn’t jive with me. I’m wondering if it’s because the heroine was in her thirties behaving like she was in her early twenties. Her insecurities made me not connect with her like I was hoping. Either way, I know lots of friends who loved this book. If you like a protective alpha male give this one a try.

“Anything worth having in this life, you fight to get. And you don’t stop fighting until you get it.”

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