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Torrie McLean


Life on the MC frontline isn’t all bikes, booze and broads, especially for one of the most notorious Fallen Brothers. Even in the tiny town of Haven, Nevada, it can be beatings, blood and even bullets. And for Colton Greene, that’s more than reason enough to keep his personal life on lockdown. In his mind, letting someone in only makes them a target and gives him a weakness. And he’s probably right.
But if one person can get under the biker’s skin, it’s bound to be his pretty little tattooist – saving a man’s life will do that.
Surviving on her own since she was sixteen has made pretty little Callie Delaney tougher than she looks and, while she learned early in life that few people - even family - are worth trusting, there’s still a soft heart underneath the bravado. Too bad she's spoken for. And, unknown to the club, by none other than their hotshot lawyer.
Bikers don’t trust lawyers, but sometimes letting them close is a necessary evil. Betrayal once makes for a swift life lesson. There can’t be a second time.
But, with the club still living under the shadow of past indiscretions, is history destined to repeat itself?
For Callie, those MC ties could mean a life of trust and loyalty – or, thanks to someone else’s betrayal, suspicion and death. It’s ultimately Colton’s choice. Keep her close ... or cut her loose.

Foxy’s Review:

★ ★ ★

Ink is my first book with Freak Circle Press outside of Ms. Fanetti’s books. There are a bunch of authors who belong to the FCP and the majority write fictionalized mc romance. I’m a big fan of the genre and all the craziness that comes along with it. I plan to check out more FCP authors. 🙂

”If all his years with the Fallen Brothers had taught Colton one thing, it was that life was constantly balanced on a knife edge.”
Colton is part of the Fallen Brothers mc where he’s the enforcer. He’s one scary guy that puts fear into everyone who crosses paths with him. He’s done hard time and is looking at doing more when he finds himself becoming closer to his tattoo artist, Callie.

”She was fast becoming an addiction, he knew that. More so than even the ink that lay beneath.”
Callie is a local tattoo artist that occasionally does some tattoo work for the Fallen Brothers. Her hotshot lawyer boyfriend, Michael, is the club’s attorney. He’s almost twice her age which creates some deep down insecurities within himself. Having the “trophy girlfriend” to show off is something he’s proud of. Unfortunately, for Michael, Callie and Colton have bonded over some scary stuff that’s happened to them. Their attraction leaves Michael in their wake.

”But sticks and stones can break bones that heal, while words haunt injured souls forever.”
A lot happens with this storyline. In the majority of chapters there are “flashbacks” some that take place hours prior and some that take place from childhood. These flashbacks build the backstory of INK. It took a little while, for me, to adjust to the flow of the flashbacks.

”Goddam women. There wasn’t enough whiskey in the world.”
That quote made me laugh. When I got to the end of the story I was expecting a cliffhanger, per se, because I’d heard from friends that there was one. I wouldn’t categorize the ending as a cliffhanger but more like- there’s more story to come. The ending leaves you wanting more because their story isn’t over. Plus a side character has a big revelation towards the end that needs to be explored. INK came out a year ago so hopefully the next book is soon to be released.

Awkwardly, I’m the black sheep among my friends. Everyone LOVED this book and five starred it. So, please don’t let my rating dissuade you from reading this one. To quote Edmund Wilson, “No two persons ever read the same book.” Our own life perspectives and experiences influence how we read a book.

Ink (Haven, #1) by Torrie McLean

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