Review: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children


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I picked up this book from the library after seeing the preview for it at the movie theater.

I really enjoyed the concept of this book and how the author felt complied to create a story via all the vintage photos he had collected at estate sales. I’ve often looked at old family photos and wondered what the story was that went along with the picture. It’s a clever idea for the premise of this book.

When the story first started it gave me THE PRINCESS BRIDE feeling… where the G’pa is telling his grandson a story. This story starts out with a G’pa explaining to his grandson about what he had been through and who the children in the photos are.

Unfortunately, the last half of the book my interest waned. I’m hoping that the movie, which comes out in 15 days, will keep my attention better. From what I’ve seen in the trailer I’m sure that won’t be a problem.


Since writing the above review I’ve seen the movie.  Even though there were things that were changed, such as certain characters in the book were a certain gender and in the movie they were the opposite gender and they gave a minor book character the role of a main character, etc.  I still enjoyed the movie.  I went with my family and friends to see this movie and we had a long discussion afterwards about all the differences.  We all agreed that we really liked the  movie.  I personally liked the movie better than the book.

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