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Smooth Talking Stranger was a book I’ve been holding off reading for the last 2 years because I knew the 4th book didn’t have a release date. Brown-Eyed Girl finally has the release date of August 11th ( Now, I’m finally caught up in the series for the release of this book.”Babies were dangerous… they made you fall in love before you knew what was happening.”
Ella receives the call no one wants… the one that makes you decide what’s really important in your life. Ella’s sister, Tara, has dropped off her 1 week old baby at her mom’s house. Mom has never been a motherly figure to the girls. She’s always been about herself and how she can land a rich man to take care of her. Ella’s forced to take on the baby, Luke, for the next 3 months while Tara’s getting mental health help at an institution. Sounds simple right?

”You’re not your sister’s keeper.”
Unfortunately, the boyfriend, Dane, wants no part in keeping the baby for the next 3 months. He thinks Ella’s family manipulates her and she’d be better off without them. But Ella can’t turn her back on the abandon baby. All through Ella & Tara’s childhood they were neglected because of a lack of motherly support and no fatherly figure in their lives. Ella has always been the one to pick up the pieces for Tara. That’s what bonds them together… knowing Ella will be there for Tara.

”I’m a public sinner with a ton of money. Any church would want me.”
Here is where Ms. Kleypas shines…writing alpha males. Jack Travis is no exception to this rule because he is one sexy alpha male. Jack is the opposite of Ella’s boyfriend who is in another state holding to their open relationship philosophy. Ella and Dane have made their relationship about no rules and no promises to each other. Once Jack meets Ella, when he’s accused of being the baby’s father, he is intrigued by her moxie. She’s not the usual woman he meets who’s just after his money and family name. She’s someone who is loyal and loving and isn’t looking to be a trophy wife.

You can have your cake and eat it too.
Ella never wanted children and she definitely didn’t plan to ever marry. Her childhood was no picnic in the park and left her jaded towards having those types things. Feeling safe and secure was her main goals in life and she accomplished that with being a career woman and having a ‘safe’ boyfriend. But the presence of Luke, Tara’s baby, made Ella reevaluate the path her life was heading. As luck would have it, Jack was not easily dissuaded by Ella’s constant pushing him away. As reader we could see that Jack was exactly what Ella needed to start challenging her life. The getting out of her head and actually living a life that came with risk was the best healing of past transgressions she could do.

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Continuing story where secondary characters from the first book become the main focus in subsequent books.
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