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Tammara Webber

Sweet is a second chance romance that begins with a subtle childhood friendship.

An unlikely friendship emerges in elementary school betweenBoyce and Pearl. The friendship continues all through their school years and is kept on the down low from their friends and family. Boyce & Pearl are attracted to each other but neither one of them are sure the other one feels the same way.

”In life, bad things happen, good things happen, and we do what we can to encourage one and prevent the other.”


As with the author’s other books this one has some equally beautiful quote worthy lines. I’m a fan of Ms. Webber’s college romances.

The double troupe with friends-to-lovers and second chance romance will have readers swooning.

On a side note:
This book is on salefor $2.99 []. You can add the audio [] for $1.99! Score! For $5.00 you can to listen to Zachary Webber narrate this book.


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