Review: Thunder by Susan Fanetti | 5 stars


(Capital City MMA #1)

Susan Fanetti


Thorin “Thunder” Vaduva is a journeyman MMA fighter—toiling in the shadows, a set of strong shoulders to lift other fighters toward stardom. After years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, he’s trying to get his life on track—be a good father to his teenage son, get his fights in, do his work, keep his head down, keep his demons at bay.

Nina Rodriguez is trying to get her life started. Her days are filled with work and school, slowly climbing toward a meaningful career. Her aspirations aren’t flashy, but she wants a life with purpose.

When Nina comes to the Capital City Fight Center so her brother, Thor’s teammate, can teach her to fight, she and Thor really notice each other for the first time. After that they fall hard and fast, even while they’re taking things slow.

Their love comes easy. But life is hard, and full of storms.

When one of those storms tears Thor’s life apart, only real love can bring the sun back.


THUNDER is the first book in a new series about MMA fighters. Thunder packs a punch with heartbreak that leads to a newfound hope! I ate my feelings through this book.

The telling of Thunder felt like a therapeutic healing and I feel honored that we, as readers, were trusted to read this story. The vulnerability and courage in sharing something so deeply personal made my heartache for the author and her family.

Ms. Fanetti offers an author’s note at the end of the book that shares her journey in writing this story. Before the story begins there’s a content warning and a link that takes you to the author’s note. For those wondering if this story has a HEA –(view spoiler)

From now on I will look at Japanese cherry trees and remember this story. “Always try your hardest, and you’ll never disappoint yourself.” ~Adam Williams

Do yourself a favor and read this powerful, beautiful, heart-wrenching story of love and hope.

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