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John C. Maxwell

Every once, in awhile, I to go to my first love in reading; non-fiction. I really enjoy John C. Maxwell because he’s a motivational speaker who uses Christian values to share his thoughts on different subjects. His book, Today Matters, can be used by any faith system. Don’t let the word “Christian” hold you up from reading this book because it’s not a bunch of ideas set to scripture.

TODAY MATTERS and there are 12 principles to put into practice.

♥Attitude: Choose and display the right attitude daily.
♥Priorities: Determine and act on important priorities daily.
♥Health: Know and follow healthy guidelines daily.
♥Family: Communicate with and care for my family daily.
♥Thinking: Practice and develop good thinking daily.
♥Commitment: Make and keep proper commitments daily.
♥Finances: Make and properly manage dollars daily.
♥Faith: Deepen and live out my faith daily.
♥Relationships: Initiate and invest in solid relationships daily.
♥Generosity: Plan for and model generosity daily.
♥Values: Embrace and practice good values daily.
♥Growth: Seek and experience improvements daily.

Throughout each chapter the author gives examples on how to embrace the values he discuss. If you don’t have your own core value set that you base your life off of, then some of these might be a good starting point for you to consider investing your time and energy into.

”By making today great, you can make your life great, because when you take care of today, tomorrow will take care of itself.”


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