Reviews: Landon & Shay – part 1 & 2


(The L&S Duet)

Brittainy Cherry


(Book one in the L&S Duet)

Shay Gable hated my guts, and I hated hers, too.

We went out of our way to avoid one another at all times. When she came my direction, I went the other. When we locked eyes, she’d turn and walk away.

All of that changed the day I was presented with a challenge. It started out as a stupid bet: make Shay fall in love with me before I fell in love with her first.

That was an easy bet for me to win.
I didn’t love, I hardly liked.

Yet slowly the game started to shift. Shay made me crave things I never knew I wanted.

The closer we grew, the more she challenged my darkness, and the parts I kept locked away.
The hurts.
The pains.
The truth.

The game between us became too real, our feelings intermixed, and the risks of hurting one another grew higher.

But you know what they say…
All’s fair in the game of love and war—especially the heartbreaks.


(Book Two of the Landon & Shay Duet.)

Once upon a time, I fell in love with a boy.
A beautiful, broken boy who had his own world of struggles.

People warned me against our love, but I didn’t listen.
We looked weak.
Young, foolish.
Dangerously in love.
We didn’t care.

In order to keep our hearts protected from the opinions of others, we became each other’s secret.
We shared stolen moments. Tender touches. Secretive embraces.

It was our twisted love story, and it worked for us up until our lives changed forever.

The boy I loved became Hollywood’s newest golden boy.
His career blossomed as mine stalled.
He found massive success as I discovered multiple failures.
He made something of himself, while my dreams never came true.

We moved into different realms where our pieces no longer fit together.

In the fairy tales, love conquered all.
In reality, love was the main reason empires began to fall.

I always knew Landon belonged in my story.
He was my beginning, middle, and end.
The only problem? I wasn’t certain I still belonged in his.


(Book one in the L&S Duet)

I loved this book! Ms. Cherry delivered another powerful book. Landon & Shay’s story hit me in the feels.

The first part of this duet starts out with them in high school. A bet ensues when these two are at a party that they can get the other one to fall in love with them. Which seems like an easy enough task except they hate each other.

I’m looking forward to the next phase of their lives.

Landon & Shay
♦ enemies to lovers
♦ broken hero / good girl
♦ depression
♦ emotional
♦ Shay is Eleanor’s cousin (their dads are brothers)
♦ Landon is Greyson’s best friend
♦ banana laffy taffy
♦ continuing storyline


Audio book source: Audible
Narrator: Miranda Jay & Teddy Hamilton
Length: 10H 17M


(Book Two of the Landon & Shay Duet.)

I know love stories sometimes require the couple to be apart or even take a break from each other and explore other options. But for me, I missed Landon & Shay being together. Even though the time away exploring other things helped them grow I still couldn’t help wanting them together.

Landon & Shay
♦ long-distance relationship
♦ Landon – famous (actor)
♦ depression
♦ emotional abusive dad
♦ second chance romance
♦ conclusion to their story

Audio book source: Audible
Narrator: Miranda Jay & Teddy Hamilton
Length: 9H 48M

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