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Colleen Hoover

Have you heard about this book by Colleen Hoover? It was a fun project she did where she uploaded a chapter a day on Wattpad for FREE. I didn’t read it when it was available in this format. I waited until it came out on kindle.

As I reading it I would imagine what it must have been like for the readers who had to wait for the next chapter to be uploaded to Wattpad. I have to say I would have gone nuts because each chapter ended leaving me wanting MORE.

I loved this book, even though, it was very different from Collen Hoover’s other pieces of work. Afer I finished the book I contacted my blogging bestie and partner, Kim, and told her this book is a mix of Fight Club (the book version which is a little different from the movie) and the TV show Breaking Bad. I know when she finds the time to read it she’ll love it. It’s messed up and will have you on the edge of your seat. Even after I finished the story I was still thinking about it. Those are the best type of books… the ones that stick with you.

I really don’t want to give away any more of the story beyond what I said above about what it is a mix of. Just know if you read this it’s darker than what you are used to with Colleen Hoover. Give it a try and while reading it try to imagine ONLY getting a chapter a day to read. It would have driven me crazy waiting for the next chapter! LOL


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