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Currently, on Facebook there is a ‘tag‘ asking you to post 7 days of inspirational quotes.  I’m not sure who originated this tag to give them credit.

I’m going to post all 7 days quotes I did on my FB page.
*The Marilyn Monroe image was taken from the internet. Too bad they didn’t spell “too” correctly.*

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Kim also participated but she didn’t do all 7 days worth.  She has been a little busy with work, life, and OH YEAH, getting ready for her debut novel to be released in a month!!! 🙂

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We are tagging anyone who wants to spread some Facebook inspiration among their friends and family.  

Here is how the TAG works on Facebook:

Day 1: X tagged me. I’m tagging X. Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to post an inspirational quote a day for 7 days, and tag a new person each day, also tag me so I can see!

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