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February is the month of love!

Foxy Blogs asked a selection of readers, bloggers and authors to share, with all of us, about LOVE.

Today Janja will be sharing  her favorite quote & love inspiration.




Favorite Love Quote

My favorite quote is not from books, but from a reality show, Deadliest Catch. The show is about fishermen who catch crabs in the Bering Sea. In that show was Captain Phil (he was my hero) with his sons. One of the sons was a little cocky. Well after arguing with his father (Capt. Phil) about his position on the deck, his father says to him:


I’m the mother of two boys and the oldest one just started high school, he thinks that he knows everything.

This quote is my guidance that everybody can work to be what they want to be, cuz in life nothing is bestowed, with the exception of birth.




Love Inspiration

Inspiration for my love and romance and all the things I do, is my grandfather (he died in 2000), who taught us that blood is not important to who you love and respect. He was step-dad to my mom (she was five years old when my grandmom married him) and I can proudly say that my mom, my brother and I were a true and pure love to him. He was a truck driver and often on the road for days but every time he came home, his first stop was at our house. He was not an emotional man but we always knew that he loved us. He was everything for me and I still miss him after all these years and my only regret in life is that my
two boys didn’t get the chance to meet him. He was a living proof that with love, respect, honesty and being loyal, you can earn love from everybody and anybody.

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1. If you could date any guy from a book who would it be and why?
My book boyfriend is definitely Gabriel Emerson from Gabriel’s Inferno series by Sylvain Reynard (close to him is Ambrose Young Making Faces by Amy Harmon). Both of them are mysterious with troubled pasts but still so strong and with their heart in the right place.

2. On this fantasy date with your book boyfriend where would you go?
Since prof. Emerson is my first choice of BBF, my dream date with him would be a picnic in the old orchard (this is one of the scenes in the book and I did picture myself there), maybe with the pond at the end … it will be when the sun goes to sleep and the moon is not awake yet, the color of the sky will be from orange-to-purplepinkyish.
( In my head it’s so perfect)

3. At what age did you start reading romance?
I started reading at a very young age, my mom says at the age of 5 I was able to read books with block letters and I had a lot of fairy tales or newspapers around me (anything was good for me).  I used to read bedtime stories to my family not them to me. I do remember when I was 10 or 11 years old I started reading so called Dr. romance novellas, they were short stories with doctors and nurses and patients and always with HEA.  They were published weekly here in my country (Europe) and I think that all the girls from my generation were in love with this kind of novella.

4. What was your first romance book?
The real romance book that my mom allowed me to read was when I was 13 years old and it was a series written by ANNE and SERGE GOLON called ANGELIQUE. This series was translated in my native language in 14 books and those books are still my first love and I reread them every 2 or 3 years. The story talks about Angelique the girl who was married to a Count – this was happening in the 1648 when the French King was Louis XIV. I was obsessed with this series and I still am.

5. Who is your favorite romance book couple?
Favorite romance book couple? Hmm you got me here … I don’t know there is to many of them, but if I have to choose it’ll be Emily Foster and Jake Ward from Rules of Protection by Alison Bliss. Their dialogue and sassy comments were refreshing and I can’t remember a time that I ever laughed so much reading a book.

6. Favorite romance movie?
I used to watch a lot of movies but I discovered that, after reading a book and then watching the movie based by that book, I’d be very disappointed with the movie. I simply stopped watching them. I was watching Love in a Bottle and I was bawling my eyes out and crying like a baby..let’s just say that I was not a good sight to look on, so I simply don’t watch any movie at all.

7. What can you be found doing on a Friday night?
My Friday’s nights are filled with visiting my family or watching TV (I am an addict to Discovery, History, NC…..) but after 9.00 pm my time goes to my kindle and bed (every night). I know I’m not a very social person if I don’t have to go somewhere, I’d rather stay at home. (my mom always says that I’m scared of socializing but I’m not, I’m just lazy on that area)

8. If books were going extinct which book would you memorize?
If books were going to extinct I already memorized my book: You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay. When I was 32 I was diagnosed with uterine and ovarian cancer with centered on my kidneys. I had two small boys (age 6 and 3) and this book was my faith that everything would be ok. I read it over 100 times and the words from this book were my mantra every time my life goes down and believe me, after repeating so many times word after word, it becomes true if you have faith.

9. Do you collect paper backs?
Collect books?  Since my native language is not English I have books in both languages. My native collection is manly historical romances (I still love them ) but my English is from authors that I’ve discovered since I’ve had my kindle and from recommendations by my friends and blogs (and I thank you for that Amy and Kim)

10. What book do you think all romance readers NEED to read?
I think that every person needs to read at least one book from all genres … I don’t read just romances – I  love good criminal book, read different authors (I adore Scandinavian authors they are completely different from US).




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