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March is National Reading Month

In celebration of March being National Reading Month were sharing with you some book recommendation from readers who love romance as much as we do here on Foxy Blogs.

Today we're sharing some books that will have you cheering on these heroines.  

The best kickass heroines.

A touching portrayal of not only finding beauty within, but of finding the beauty within the ugly...

There's so much beauty to be found in this story, and not nearly enough words to adequately honor it. This book starts off simple — discreet even — with an undeniable depth and wisdom that slowly sneaks up and consumes you. Its incredible insight is gently suggested, but powerfully received. With an expertly smooth execution, this author makes it all seem entirely effortless as she strips down life to its bare components, revealing the grace from within. I fell in love with these lovingly broken and perfectly flawed characters, who each represented a unique piece of the same puzzle. ~Kristin

This book encompasses everything a great book should be. The plot keeps you interested, leaves you breathless and so grateful that Karina Halle was able to take your mind on a beautifully *dramatic* journey.

* Fear * Betrayal * Mystery * Love * Humiliation *
All of these elements came together for an action-packed novel that switches back and forth from past to present and you gradually learn the history of both characters. This book has it all folks… ~SanO

5 absolutely mind blowing stars. This book deserve to be made into a movie. I can just imagine watching it in HD.

Every time when half of the GR page is showing updates on the same book. I know is going to be great and I'm right. I’m so engrossed and immersed into Killing Sarai right from the 1st chapter, when Victor made his appearance and referred as the ‘American’ by our heroine Sarai. This is the kind of book that drew me in right from the start and I wanted so bad to read the whole book in one sitting, but had to succumb to the reality of having to work.  ~Amanda

Wow what was this????Amazing this book blew my mind!!!!

Fable is the lead female character, she is strong and not a whining virgin. I love that she is sassy with a backbone. I love that she is the one that is strong over the big hunky jock that is Drew Callahan. So unexpected.  ~Pavlina


Katie McGarry makes my heart hurt.

Beth is one of those characters that get you so invested in a story that your pulse races & your anxiety levels peak anytime there's even a hint of something bad about to happen. She made this whole book for me.  

Overall GREAT read. It got me right in the feels. ~Kim B

We hope you enjoyed these selections.  Stay tuned for more reading recommendations. 

We're offering a way to buy some of these fabulous books we're recommending.  

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