A View From Forever by @CSheehanMiles {NEW RELEASE}

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Released today: Dylan and Alex’s story, the prequel to Just Remember to Breathe.


A View From Forever

Print edition: 234 pages, $12.95
Kindle and other ebook editions: $2.99 until Monday April 27, then $3.99

Dylan Paris is a working class kid from Atlanta. A former high school dropout who is trying to clean up his act, Dylan is stunned to be selected for a six-week foreign exchange program to Israel.

Alex Thompson is the daughter of a wealthy US Ambassador. Several weeks overseas with an exchange program is just what she needs to get out from under her over-controlling parents.

They only have five weeks before they go back to their homes.

They have completely different lives.

The last thing either of them want or need is to fall in love.

A View From Forever takes the Thompson Sisters back to the story that started all, with Dylan and Alex’s love story.


A View From Forever this week only for $2.99. The price will increase to $3.99 in one week.


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An extra from the author:

For those of you who don’t know about book covers… often they contain stock photos, which comes from a variety of stock photo sites where you can buy a license to use a photo.

The image for Just Remember to Breathe I purchased from a stock photo site years ago. It just struck me as perfect for that particular couple. But what you may not know is that I was recently contacted by the guy in the photo. His name is Gelu, and a friend of his saw the German translation of the book in Austria (I think) and told him about it. Gelu then got in touch with me.

You’ll be happy to know that a) the couple in the photo is a real couple, and b) they’re still together. When I told Gelu I was writing A View From Forever, I asked him if I could use another photo of the two of them for the new book. They said yes, and that’s how the cover came about.

So… to Gelu..and Loredana … thank you.  You have no idea how grateful I am, and how happy I was when you messaged me that day months ago after you saw the book!

Just Remember to Breathe cHARLES SHEEHAN-MILES

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