Ten Author Duos I’d LOVE To See Write A Book Together!


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Ten Author Duos I’d LOVE To See Write A Book Together!

Kylie Scott & Joanna Wylde 
I love watching these two banter back and forth with each other.  I can only imagine what kind of fun they’d come up with if they co-authored a book.  Kylie is known for her rocker series and Joanna is known for her MC series … mash them together for a – MC club who moonlights as a Rock Group.  The MC members could use make-up like KISS so no one knows who they really are. Whoa, looks like I thought about this one quite a bit.  *lol*

Pam Godwin & Callie Hart
Both of these authors write great dark, suspenseful stories.  The two of them together would be AWESOME.

Sawyer Bennett & Beth Ehemann 
HOCKEY HOTNESS!  These authors write great hockey series.  Both of them combining their hockey love stories would be EPIC.

Amy Harmon & Colleen Hoover 
These two are known for their unique stories.  Both authors use the arts throughout their stories.  It would be AMAZING to see what they’d write for their readers.

KA Tucker & Mia Sheridan
Both authors know how to write about characters who suffer hardships and overcome them.

Kristen Callihan & Elle Kennedy 
These authors are known for their college sports romances.  Maybe they could write one involving college baseball.

Sarah Elizabeth Phillips & Lauren Layne
An established author and a newer author.  Both write fun, sweet romances.  It’d be fun to see the old and new styles mashed together.

Sylvain Reynard & Charles Sheehan-Miles
Two male authors writing in the romance genre…I’d love to see what they’d come up with for us romance readers.

Linda Howard & Sandra Brown
I picked these two because they’re established romance writers.  I’d love to see their styles together.

Paullina Simons & Diana Gabaldon
These authors wrote EPIC series that are loved among all type of readers! Put them together and we’d end up with some unbelievable book.  The writing would be out of this world.

Which authors would you like to see write a book together?

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10 thoughts on “Ten Author Duos I’d LOVE To See Write A Book Together!

  1. I love the pairings 😉
    I would also like to see Colleen Hoover and Amy Harmon come together. I mean each one has their own style, so coming together will be either so good that it’ll blind people or it’ll be a complete disaster.
    Then K.A.Tucker and Mia Sheridan – I think that would be really good because I find them quite similar in terms of feelings and emotions that they evoke 😉
    Lastly Paullina Simons and Diana Gobaldon – I’ll just sit in a corner and suck my thumb :p

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