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Jen Frederick

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A little bit of cheesy, over the top goodness … perfect for the the mood I was in.

As per my usual style, I jumped into this book without even a peek at the synopsis. In fact, this book wasn’t even on my radar. Leave it to my bestie Foxy to talk me into another book 😉 and thanks to Alleskelle who kindly gifted it through her blog. This book was a fun with a buddy.
I’ve never read a Jen Frederick book before (hiding in shame), but I can guarantee that this won’t be my last.

I really enjoyed the playful nature that this book started out with. And having a leading man who’s a virgin & saving it for the right woman? Well, I found that to be quite refreshing & even a little sexy (I won’t even try to lie about this … it kinda turned me on – lol).

Even when the angst kicked in, I still found myself smiling … probably because I knew it would all end up okay. (It is a romance novel, after all). But, I did find some of the angst to be just a little melodramatic (or maybe a lot). And, yes there were definitely some very cheesy moments.

PLEASE. Can we talk about that cover for just a minute …..

OK, I guess no words were really required there. lol

Overall, an enjoyable, light romp, perfect for those days when you just want to relax & not take things to seriously.

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