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‘Knox Masters is a quarterback’s worst nightmare. Warrior. Champion.’
Well, that’s some intro for this college football player. A virgin?! Here’s this campus god who is waiting for the right woman to lose his virginity to. That’s something new, for me, in this genre. It piqued my interest.

“My dad named me Eliot Campbell.”
Poor, Ellie! She has a dad who wanted another boy and named her accordingly, and a mom who expects too much out of her. Basically, Ellie can’t please her parents and she’s trying to keep her father’s wrath from her older football playing brother. If you looked in the directory for dysfunctional family the Campbell’s picture would be featured.

Sisters are off-limits.
Among guy friends and teammates there’s this rule that sisters are off-limits. But when Knox’s sees Ellie he doesn’t care about the bro code. “Ellie showed up. Long legs, hot body, loved football, sarcastic sense of humor…” Knox was a goner and became a guy determined to get this girls attention.

For me, I’m a girl who loves her sports movies, especially if they’re real life stories. I grew up playing sports and dating guys who played sports. To say, I have a soft spot for these college sports romance books, is an understatement. They’re like eating candy ~ a guilty pleasure. Just remember when you read this genre that it’s like eating from a cheese fondue pot… the cheese can be laid on pretty thick in certain parts and be drippy but it’s all in good fun.

Sacked (Gridiron, #1) by Jen Frederick
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