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Joanna Wylde


Yay!! I’ve been waiting for Painter’s story ever since we first got a glimpse of him. If you’ve read this series Painter is no stranger to you because we first learn about him when he sort of has a relationship with the club president’s daughter, Em. I was losing hope that Painter was ever going to man up and claim a woman for himself. It was looking like bachelorhood was his future.


The Grudge
Throughout the other books we’ve learned little pieces about Painter. We know he’s been to prison/jail 3 times. He has a daughter, Izzy, with Melanie. But we weren’t ever sure why they weren’t together after his stint in prison. This is the story about THE GRUDGE that caused a line to be drawn in the sand for this feuding couple.

One condition Painter gives Melanie – “No. Fucking. Bikers.”
Since they weren’t getting back together Painter gives Melanie one condition. To stay out of his world. She wasn’t allowed to date any bikers EVER. Basically his world no longer exised for her. Sounds like easy proposition until it isn’t.

“Sometimes it feels like you hate me out of habit.”
The issues between these two had their friends frustrated. Basically their friends wanted them to fish or cut bait.Unfortunately for their friends, Mel and Painter weren’t out to please others and were doing things their own way. If that meant that everyone was agitated at them then so be it. This was their life to live.

I love Ms. Wylde’s MC romance books. Reaper’s Fall is a second chance romance that takes us back to the beginning of Mel & Painter’s story. The readers are shown what they never got from the other books about their story. I really love how this story was laid out.

RELEASE DATE: November 10, 2015
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  1. I floved this book as all the others writen by Joanna. I must confess that Painter’s story was my 1000 book i read since i start writing the list of all the books that i read. ( started in July 2012)

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