Accidentally on Purpose by @LDDAVIS478 {Giveaway}

Accidentally on Purpose
Accidentally on Purpose
L.D. Davis


Emmy hates her boss Kyle Sterling. She does the unthinkable after a night of drinking and sleeps with him. Before she can even begin to put the enormous mistake behind her, she finds herself snowed in for a long weekend with Kyle. The pair not only get cozy while the storm rages outside, but Emmy sees a side of Kyle that she didn’t know could possibly exist beneath his hard, temperamental exterior.

When the storm is over, Emmy insists on moving on, especially since Kyle has a long-standing girlfriend, socialite and heiress Jessyca Venner. Soon Emmy starts dating Luke Kessler, and even as their relationship grows serious, she finds Kyle hard to shake. Kyle aggressively pursues Emmy without mercy, despite the fact that she clearly loves Luke. Armed with the knowledge that Jessyca possess sensitive and alarming information that has the enormous potential of destroying Sterling Corporation, Kyle refuses to cut ties with her until he is able to find a way to save the family business from devastation.

Emmy, unable to resist Kyle any longer, begins to make a series of bad decisions that result in heartbreaking, life altering, and even devastating consequences.

Is there hope for Emmy or will she lose everything? Will she be able to forgive Kyle for a terrible act? Will she be able to forgive herself?

Foxy’s Review:

Gah! Had I known this was about a love triangle I would have never bought it. I Accidentally on Purpose purchased this book in 2012 when I saw all my friends buying it. Then I let it sit on my shelf for almost three years while I read other stuff. Then the C.D. Canaries group posed a challenge to read 20 books from your TBR shelf and I decided to read books from my “purchased but unread” shelf.

I hate love triangles, most of the time, and yet I couldn’t stop reading this book. The writing and the execution of the story was ADDICTING. Finally at 3 a.m. I forced myself to sleep.

One of the main reasons I don’t like ‘love triangles’ is the characters end up with divided hearts. Along with a divided heart comes cheating and that is always painful to read. I was conflicted while I was reading this book. Just like the characters I kept thinking:

”But this is wrong!”
“Yeah, but it feels right.”

My statuses tell how I felt while I maneuvered through this book. I don’t want to give anything away because suffering through this angsty story is part of the fun.  Personally, for me, I like the angst because it makes me “feel”… it makes me invest in the story. Plus no ones life is perfect and it’s the “angst” in our lives that makes for a great story later on.

”Anyone who can rationalize love through intellect, has no idea what love is, for it is an emotion, and cannot be rationalized. For love is crazy.” ~ Christopher Bombardier

Over the last year FMA has told me how much she loves Ms. Davis’s books. After reading this one I won’t be so reluctant to try an author my friends love. I’m always nervous I’ll be the black sheep and not like the book that they loved but I guess that’s part of the reading experience-> no two people read the same book.

One more thing, this question is for Ms. Davis… what kind of shampoo did Emmy use? I need some of that stuff.

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8 thoughts on “Accidentally on Purpose by @LDDAVIS478 {Giveaway}

  1. I have read some really good Love triangles but I really don’t like them . I know your thinking why not. It’s because to me it’s cheating to be involved in a relationship with another person. I feel for the other person to because of all the heart ache they r going to suffer over this kind of relationship. Thanks for the Give Away

  2. hmm..if it is an open relationship then i guess it’s ok,but in real life i don’t think that cheating is something that is ok with me.(one side is always on the short end)

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