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Angy from Collector of Book Boyfriends tagged me on twitter for this fun post.
This tag is about movies based off of books.
My husband prefers I don’t read a book and then watch the movie right away because I’ve ruined a lot of movies with my constant, “That’s not how it happened in the book… it happened this way.” 

10. Pride and Prejudice

About 5 years ago a friend brought over her dvd of this and we watched it together.  Then a couple years ago I read it.  I really want to watch it again.

9. The Notebook

I read this book and loved it.  Then my friend convinced me to watch the movie because she loved the movie more than the book.  I really enjoyed the movie but I’m partial to the book.

8. The Help

This is a rare moment where I liked the movie and the book equally.  Well done!

7. Fight Club

Well, I know I’ve told this story before but Kim convinced me to watch Fight Club and after watching it I had to read the book.  The book and the movie are very different.  The basic story line is the same but lots of differences.

6. Paper towns

I recently read this book and now I think I’ll watch this with my teens to see what they think.

5. Flipped 

Another book I read but haven’t seen the movie.  I really want to see it but I haven’t been able to find it.  It seems like it would make a cute movie.

4. Twilight

Like every other female about ten years ago I read the books.  Then I went with my friends to see the movies.  The first movie drove me nuts because of how different some things were but I had to distant myself from the book to be able to enjoy the movie.  Movie Edward wasn’t who I pictured in my head for the ‘Book Edward.’

3. The Fault In Our Stars

Yep, I read the book and then a couple years later saw the movie.  In the meantime I forgot a major part that happened in the book.  Imagine my shock when I realized the part I forgot.  *lol*

2. Fifty Shades of Grey

Of course, I read the books many times and then saw the movie this past February with my friend.  It was weird to see it on the big screen.  When I read this book 3 years ago that this would be on the big screen.  Now, 2 more movies to go in the next couple years.

1. Outlander

I listened to the audio of this and then watched the TV series.  I’m so thankful I did it that way because the beginning of the book would have bored me to death had I not had the TV series to look forward.  Now, I can’t wait for season 2 to start!

I tag …
to share some books that were made into movies or TV series.

Can’t wait to see yours!

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6 thoughts on “[book tag] BOOKS MADE INTO MOVIES @StaceyisSassy @ElizaReadAlot @theVrsha @potteralda

  1. Thanks for tagging me honey!!
    I will try my best to do this tag but I’m not sure how many book vs movies I’ll come up with because if I have read the book I do no like watching the movie simply because like you I’m always screaming “This is not how it happens in the book” and I’m always frowned upon (I did that in cinema once *hides face in shame*)

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