Breathe With Me

Breathe with Me Book Cover Breathe with Me
With Me in Seattle
Kristin Proby


Sometimes you meet the right person at the wrong time… 

Mark Williams has loved Meredith since he was seventeen. A successful man with a strong family, he’s worked hard to move on from Meredith breaking his heart all those years ago. When his path crosses with the only woman he’s ever loved again years later, Mark knows there is nothing he won’t do to keep her in his life. But when the going gets tough, will Meredith stick around or will he lose her again? 

…But true love has a way of finding its way back. 

Meredith Summers is a dancer. One of the first things she learned in following her dreams is that timing is everything. She has spent the past ten years following her dream touring with mega-stars while trying to forget the high school sweetheart she left behind. Now she’s back in Seattle, running a successful dance studio with her best friend Jax and determined to move on from her gypsy past. Until the day she sees Mark Williams and time stands still. It’s as if no time has passed at all when Meredith finds herself in Mark’s arms again. The chemistry, the bonds and the love are as strong as ever and hearing Mark whisper breathe with me in her ear is a balm to her wounded soul. But will she grab onto this second chance at love, or is the timing all wrong for them again? 

Don't miss catching up with the Montgomery and Williams clans in this latest installment of the With Me In Seattle Series from New York Times bestselling author, Kristen Proby. 

Foxy's Review:

**3.5 Breathe with me, baby stars**

I’ve noticed a trend with my reading lately…the last 3 out of 4 books I’ve read have been second chance romance stories. Out of the three book this one was by far the mushiest of them all.♥ 

The prologue starts in highschool with two lovesick teens who go their separate ways to follow their dreams. Chapter one starts a decade later when they reconnect at Meredith’s mom funeral. 

Throughout the book family members pointed out the mushiness between Mark & Meredith
“You’re all so freaking mushy. It’s disgusting.” 
A cute story even with Mark worrying about losing his man card because he was fawning all over Meredith. “I think I just lost my man card.” 

“It’s you and me, M and M, against the world.”

Little angst, if at all, and some drama right at the very end of the book makes for a cute read.

FUTURE NEWS: At the end of the epilogue there is an announcement for a new series: A TASTE OF DELICIOUS (Fusion Series). I’m super excited because the book takes place in Oregon. It will be another book I can add to my Oregon shelf.This series is listed as coming out in 2015. Click here to find out when the release date is set for.

Family Tree: 
Parents: both deceased
Child: Natalie 
Significant other: Natalie/Luke

Parents: Steven and Gail
Children: Jules, Matt, Caleb, Will,Isaac, Dominic, (family “adopted” Natalie)
Significant other: Jules/Nate, Isaac/Stacy, Will/Meg,Caleb/Brynna, Matt/Nic

Parents: Neil and Lucy
Children: Luke, Samantha, Mark
Significant other: Luke/Natalie, Samantha/Leo,Mark/Meredith

Parent: Sylvia (dead beat parent)
Child: Meg (Leo “foster brother”)
Significant other: Meg/Will, Leo/Samantha

Book One: Natalie and Luke Come Away With Me
Book Two: Jules and Nate I Won’t Give UP
Book Three: Meg and Will A Thousand Years
Book Four: Samantha and Leo (Leo’s song he wrote-Sunshine)
Book Five: Brynna & Caleb Safe With Me
No song for Matt and Nic! 🙁
No song for Mark & Meredith!

With Me in Seattle blog 

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Continuing story where secondary characters from the first book become the main focus in subsequent books. 

Under the Mistletoe with Me (With Me in Seattle, #1.5) by Kristen Proby

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