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Leave a Trail Book Cover Leave a Trail
Signal Bend
Susan Fanetti

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The Night Horde was once sure of their place in this world. Now, following a harrowing confrontation with the vicious leader of a notorious drug cartel, they are weakened in body and spirit, and they no longer have the unwavering support of the citizens of Signal Bend. They must fight to reclaim the goodwill of their town and their own sense of purpose. 

Justin "Badger" Ness is struggling both physically and mentally with the price he paid for his place in the brotherhood of the Night Horde. That which gives him the most strength is becoming his personal demon. He is in danger of losing sight of what is good and real in the world. 

Adrienne Renard is lost between the life she thought she wanted and an endless world of possibilities. The stepdaughter of Showdown Ryan, the club VP, comes to Signal Bend out of concern for her friend, worried about Badger's increasing distance, but she stays to find her own place in a life she never knew she wanted.

Together Badger and Adrienne learn that trust—in each other and in themselves—is where strength truly lies. Without trust, there can be no atonement, no forgiveness. It’s a lesson the Night Horde and the town of Signal Bend must learn, as well. 

Leave a Trail is the final volume in the Signal Bend Series. It is a story of struggle and recovery, of loss and gain, of hope and perseverance, and of the abiding power of real love. 

Also included in this volume: The True Seed, a novella and epilogue to Leave a Trail and to the Signal Bend Series itself. 

Note: explicit sex and violence. 


Foxy's Review:

LEAVE A TRAIL is the final book and it belongs to Badger who is the youngest patch in the Night Horde MC. If you’ve readShow the Fire then you’ll understand why this picture captures the essence of Badger. 


I’ve been dreading writing this review because once I do it means I’ve completed the series and I’m not ready to let go of these characters. I spent a good portion of this book crying both happy and sad tears. I’ve decided to list what makes this motorcycle club dear to my heart.


♥The Hordes are heroes. ‘They take care of people, and people love them for it. And they are clear about justice.’

♥’There’s no stronger family anywhere. No bond tighter.’

♥The women have integrity and strength.

♥The women are ‘fully committed to their men and to the Horde, and they are strong and good in their own rights.’

♥The women trust their men, and they trust themselves. They trust each other. They trust the club itself. Within that trust, they love unconditionally and take care of their family.’

♥The Horde ‘life is scary. But you will never be alone. There is always somebody to share with you- your fear, your pain, your loss, your happiness, and your peace.’

♥The Horde ‘are a team, united in times of trouble perhaps even more tightly than in times of gladness.’

Thank you, Ms. Fanetti, for writing Signal Bend. You’re a talented writer and I’m a fan for life. Your characters have captured my heart and I will think of them fondly. I marvel at your writing skills to be able to write these 8 books in less than seven months blows my mind. Also, thanks for chatting and hugging me on twitter. *fangirling*
P.S. The bonus story and epilogue were fantastic!! You’re the best!! 

Meet the men of Night Horde Motorcycle Club(& their women): 
Isaac: (45 years old) President and runs the town. A huge nerd.
♥Lilli♥: badass chick. Former military. 
Showdown: (57 years old) Vice President. Loyal and wise. Isaac’s bestfriend. 
♥Shannon♥: high class. Skirts and high heels type of gal.
Bart: (33 years old) (view spoiler)
♥Riley♥: movie star. 
Havoc: (38 years old) Enforcer. Bart’s bestfriend. Rough around the edges. Bullheaded
♥Cory♥: hippie girl. single mom. 
Len: (51 years old) Sergeant at Arms. Loner.
♥Tasha♥: club daughter. doctor.
Badger: (27 years old) youngest patch.
♥Adrienne♥: Shannon’s daughter. 
Dom: (29 years old) patch. 
Tommy: (30ish years old) transferred in. Ex-Navy. Bold, brash young gun.
Zeke: (60 years old) transferred in. Former outlaw.
Double A: (23 years old) patch. great smile
Thumper: prospect
Kellen: prospect
Nolan: prospect

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Continuing story where secondary characters from the first book become the main focus in subsequent books.
Book 1 – Isaac | Book 2 – Isaac | Book 3 – “Showdown” | Book 4 – Bart | Book 5 – “Havoc” | Book 6 – Len | Book 7 – “Badger”

In Dark Woods (Signal Bend, #4.5) by Susan Fanetti
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IT’S LIVE: http://amzn.to/VkKAsw

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