Fall Update: 2017 READING CHALLENGE hosted by @TiedupinRomance

Tied Up In Romance is hosting a 2017 Read Challenge and we’re joining them! This post is just an update on our progress so far for the year.  Over summer I didn’t get much reading done. I’ll have to make it up for it over the Fall season.


    • It will run until the end of 2017.
    • Let the ladies at Tied Up In Romance know if you are joining them.
    • Here is the list of categories for the challenge:
    • A book:
       you’ve loved (easily a re-read)

      ⇒ set somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit
      ⇒ everyone but you had read

      ⇒ you bought so long ago you don’t remember it
      ⇒ written by a male author

      ⇒ that made you «ugly cry»
      ⇒ by a new author (to me)

      ⇒ with more than 400 pages

      ⇒ recommended by a friend
      ⇒ with no «people» on the cover

      ⇒ with a yellow cover

      ⇒ that made you laugh out loud

      ⇒ published in 2015

      ⇒ outside your comfort zone

      ⇒ you finished in one day

      ⇒ with bad reviews

      ⇒ with the most gorgeous cover ever

Foxy Blogs is up to the challenge, are you?  Do you think you can meet all 17 categories? 

We’ll update our progress on how we’re doing on this challenge periodically throughout the year.

Good luck!


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