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One more days until Thanksgiving!!
It’s almost time to gobble up a big dinner!   Here are two authors that share some Thanksgiving recipes with us.  Caroline Kepnes, author of YOU and its sequel, HIDDEN BODIES, give us her take on a Thanksgiving feast, and Taylor Jenkins Reid, author of MAYBE IN ANOTHER LIFE, shares a fantastically simple yet game-changing tip on how to cook the perfect turkey.


Caroline Kepnes (YOU and Hidden Bodies): Purchase broccoli, garlic, the good kind of olive oil. Find an elaborate recipe online that requires you to purchase additional spices, herbs. Follow that recipe in the most precise manner. Then, when the kitchen starts to smell like hot garbage juice even though you followed the recipe, put the uncooperative broccolini outside, in a trash can. Sneak back in. Pour cranberry juice and vodka into an icy pitcher and remind everyone that it’s a holiday. Not a day for broccoli.


HIDDEN BODIES by Caroline Kepnes
February 23, 2016


Taylor Jenkins Reid (Maybe in Another Life): I don’t have a recipe so much as a tip that I want to shout from the highest point on earth to all that cook a Thanksgiving turkey: Baste with apple juice!

I discovered this trick making my first turkey, six years ago. I use a reduced sugar version and pour two cups over the turkey when I put it in the oven and another cup or two during the second basting. After that, I baste as normal, using the turkey juices that have simmered with the apple juice in the bottom of the pan. It makes for a slightly sweet, very tender turkey. Or, it makes for an awful turkey and no one has been brave enough to tell me.


MAYBE IN ANOTHER LIFE by Taylor Jenkins Reid
July 7, 2015

Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving (or holiday) recipe?

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