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This event will run from November 1-December 31. This
week we’re featuring:

Steph Campbell | Magan Vernon


GROUNDING QUINN by Steph Campbell
Young Adult Contemporary Romance

Eighteen-year-old Quinn MacPherson’s biggest fear has always been turning out like her
mentally unstable mother. (Solving algebraic equations comes in as a close second.) That
is, until she meets Benjamin Shaw. Quinn thinks hooking up with Ben over summer
vacation will be nothing more than a quick fling. She can’t even commit to a nail polish
choice, much less some guy. Unfortunately for her, Ben is not just some guy. Ben gets
her- the real her, flaws and all- and that scares the hell out of her. When Ben does the
unthinkable- tells Quinn he’s in love with her- she does what comes naturally. She pushes
him away. Ben can only watch from a distance as Quinn lashes out, and punishes him for
daring to care about her. But how far can you push someone, even someone that loves
you, before they are gone for good?

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New Adult Contemporary Romance
Monica Remy doesn’t make exceptions.
The fiery nineteen-year-old transferred to Central College to escape her problems, blend
into the crowd and forget the past. But escape becomes almost impossible when she
attracts the attention of her new and undeniably sexy neighbor: Trey Chapman, the
governor’s son.
Despite his vivid green eyes, adorable freckles, and athletic body, Trey is everything that
Monica despises – haughty, conservative, bossy. And able to get under her skin in a way
no other man ever could.
A class project forces the unlikely pair together, their chemistry building with each
heated debate. But when the ghosts of Monica’s past come back to haunt her, both their
beliefs will be tested, and both will be forced to see the world in a new
Their differences threaten to tear them apart, unless they can make one another their only
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