I just joined the NetGalley Challenge! #BookAdvocate @NetGalley

NetGalley Challenge 2015



Be a Book Advocate!

If you are a bookseller, librarian, reviewer, blogger, educator or in the media, show your love for reading, reviewing and recommending new books by joining the NetGalley Challenge. You can attend special online events, and enjoy early access to new books and surprises just for participants.

To enroll, sign in to your NetGalley account or join for free at www.netgalley.com. Then, simply share the badge on your blog, Facebook page or Twitter to be officially entered.

Are you a book advocate at heart but not a “professional reader?” No problem! You can still post, share or email this badge to your friends.

Note: The Challenge ends on 4 September 2015, so don’t delay.

I joined! Did you?

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