In His Shadow

In His Shadow
Tangled Ivy
Tiffany Snow


Ivy Mason is hiding—from her past, from herself, and from anyone who could love her. The only kind of love she’s ever known hurts, leaving scars on her body and soul. Now, her world may be boring and predictable, but that’s exactly what she wants. Until Devon Clay walks into her life.

A lonely man in a deadly profession, Devon works as an agent for an underground British agency known only as the Shadow. Nothing about him is safe or ordinary. The danger that consumes his life turns into an addiction Ivy can’t resist…even if it proves fatal.

As Ivy’s past begins to catch up with her, she wonders if love really is the twisted thing she’s always thought it was. Maybe it could be more with this man, who’s shown her that she doesn’t need to protect herself from everyone. Is what she feels for Devon worth the risk? He may save her heart or break it, if she manages to stay alive.

Foxy’s Review:

IN HIS SHADOW is an action packed book.Ivy is a bank teller who ends up being connected with a dangerous guy. Even though, Devon, lives a lifestyle that isn’t conducive to relationships he still pursues Ivy. Logan, Ivy’s best friend, is wary of her involvement with such a mysterious and dangerous man. Logan’s repeated warnings are never heeded.Ivy is the type of girl that most women hate. She’s beautiful and has many male admirers. Currently, in this book she has 3 guys who have taken an interest in her.

Regardless, I had a hard time connecting with Ivy because she willingly fell for a man she barely knew. She spent close to a decade staying away from relationships because of what had happened to her as a child in her mother’s home. A few times while reading this book I actually wanted to yell at her to listen to Logan, who has known her since her childhood, when he warned her that Devon was a dangerous man and would end up hurting her. But, in true, Ivy style, she ran head first into danger with no regard for herself or those around her. Luckily for her Devon was good at rescuing her.

The adventure will continue in the next book of this trilogy. The ending wasn’t a cliffhanger but the reader is aware there is more to come with theses characters.

IN HIS SHADOW is my first book by Tiffany Snow. This past summer I purchased the whole Kathleen Turner series and after reading all my friends reviews I’m looking forward to reading that series.

RELEASE DATE: December 16, 2014
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In His Shadow (The Tangled Ivy Trilogy #1) by Tiffany Snow
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