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Welcome to our stop on the Meet Your Next Book Boyfriend! I’m highlighting Trick from Knife & Flesh by Susan Fanetti

Trick is an anomaly among the biker culture.  He’s a former sniper in the military who up until a year prior to his book had dreadlocks for 10 years.  He’s also a vegetarian and book lover. He’s loyal and thoughtful.  Basically, he is the ‘thinker’ of his club.

Trick’s brothers asked him to write what it means to be a biker.  He wrote a beautiful piece that puts a lot of substance behind what it is to be part of a motorcycle club.  I’ll only share a small piece but if you’re interested reading the rest you can read it at the end of Knife & Flesh.

I can tell what this life means to me.  One man. One bike. One brother.

♥Rebellion: … To me, though, rebellion means demanding the best and calling out the worst…

♥Freedom: Freedom and rebellion go hand in hand. In this life, we value freedom, not just the freedoms codified by law, but the freedom to be and know and live in a way that’s true to us …

♥Family: There is no bond stronger than the bond between club brothers. Blood might be thicker than water, but colors are thickest of all …

♥Love: In the end, this is what it comes down to.  The history of motorcycle clubs, the cultural fascination, the reputation – none of that really matters.  At its core, its heart, the MC life is about love. We love the ride, we love the road, we love the club. We love each other.  We love our women and our children. We love our community.  We love our country. 

And that’s what “it means” to me.

That’s just a small snippet of what Trick shared with us.  

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Patrick “Trick” Stavros is a soldier in the Night Horde SoCal, and he was a soldier in the US Army, once upon a time—a sniper deployed to Afghanistan. The club recently tasked him to use those skills, and the job he did for his club weighs heavy on him, just as the job he did for his country does. He’s struggling under the weight, and he’s beginning to crumble.

Juliana Dominguez is a single mother who has just moved with her young daughter, Lucie, into Trick’s apartment complex. Juliana and Trick know each other a little, and share a mutual attraction, but she has rebuffed his advances. She knows about the Night Horde, and she wants a safer, more secure life for her daughter.

Circumstances conspire to bring them together despite Juliana’s reservations, and they learn that they share some kinds of pain and can make each other stronger. Then, just as Juliana realizes that, with Trick, she and Lucie can have the security and stability they need, and also have something even more important—real, deep, meaningful love—the consequences of Trick’s club life threaten to tear it all away.

Note: explicit sex and violence.


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25 thoughts on “Meet Your Next Book Boyfriend: TRICK (Knife & Flesh by @sfanetti) #2giveaways #YourNextBBF

  1. I guss it’s realy already time that i read this’s on my TBR list for too long 🙂 Enjoy your month girls!

  2. I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers! Love Trick; his thoughts, his ink, his books, his jewelry and he’s Greek.

  3. I’ve had the pleasure of reading the entire Night Horde SoCal series after devouring the Signal Bend series. Susan’s imagination and knack for story-telling brought all of the characters to life in a way that left me breathless. She catapulted me into their world and made me feel like a family member, not just a reader/bystander. It’s an indescribable experience and one that I seek out every time I read a new author.

    1. YES!! You understand how I feel about Susan’s books. She is the master at writing them. I just read her book – Crash (new mc series) and loved it too!

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