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After a cataclysmic tragedy leaves her alone in the world, Gabriela Kincaid climbs into her father’s ancient pickup and strikes off on her own, turning her back on everything she knows. No destination in mind, moving toward nothing but distance.

Just somewhere.

Fate chooses her destination, and she finds herself in Jasper Ridge, Idaho, a small town in the shadow of the Sawtooth Range. With nowhere else to get to, and no way to get anywhere else, she decides to make her home there.

Heath Cahill is fighting the demons of his own horrific past. A son of the most important rancher in Jasper Ridge, he’s tethered to the town, so he’s made his escape inward, turning his back on any new chances for a happy life.

But he sees something in the eyes of the young woman who walks into the town saloon: a guarded pain he recognizes as like his own. He tries to resist the pull he feels, but with a nudge from Fate, friends, and family, Heath opens his heart again.

Together, they find love and hope for happiness. First, though, they must face a past that neither has escaped.

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SOMEWHERE was 5 stars for me! It had everything I enjoy in a book; tension, sweetness, a little bit of the unknown, close-knit family and an older alpha male. The setting was a small town in Idaho where everyone knows everyone’s business. A little ranch community.

Gabriela ‘Gabe’ is running from her past which has left her alone in the world. She’s searching for her “somewhere” to belong and feel whole again. Loading up her duffle bag with the few items she can claim as her own she ventures out of the known and into the unknown.

She ends up in a small ranching community where she decides to spend a little time while she waits for her broken down truck to be fixed. In this town, there is another lonely heart, Heath Cahlin. He’s a man who has lost the most precious thing to him and has vowed to be single for the rest of his days.

”Like they were the hot new storyline on the town soap opera.” 
Of course, theirs isn’t an easy road to love and happiness. Two broken hearts going through the daily motions of everyday living trying to find purpose within their pain. Along the way, they find each other, the only other person in that town who can empathize with their situation. The healing of each other’s sorrows makes for a beautiful story. The resolution to their situation was very well done.

I love how the author made the town itself into a character. The town had it’s own personality and quirks. The way it draws you in with its familiarity and gives you the ‘All American’ feel to it. Where cowboys spend their days working the cattle and little kids could be found swinging on a tire swing drinking lemonade. I wanted to crawl inside the pages and live in that town where life seems so much simpler. But with any small town, there’s always the rumor mill where gossip turns into “truths” made from tidbits, be it true or not.

I had a hard time putting this book down because the story was intriguing and the execution was well done.

Author: Foxy

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  1. OMG – is that a new series???????????????? I love her books so much, but her MC series made me very careful when picking up her books. 🙂

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