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Against his father’s wishes, Trey Pagano made a choice to join the other side of his family and stand with Don Nick Pagano, head of the Pagano Brothers, the most powerful Family in New England. Now he strives to find the balance between these two sides of himself, between the father who raised him and the don who means to lift him up.

Seeking the brightest mind to keep his secrets, Don Pagano recruited Lara Dumas, a woman with a brilliant intellect bound up in a damaged mind and frail body. Lara has carefully constructed a small world for herself in a comfortable corner of Providence, building boundaries within her limits.

When Lara is hurt by Pagano Brothers’ enemies, the safety of her world is destroyed. The don assigns Trey to take her away and protect her—and the things she knows.

Hundreds of miles from home, hidden from danger and cut off from everything they know and trust, Trey and Laura grow close. Against his better judgment, Trey falls for the woman whose strength shines through the cracks in her psyche. Despite her trauma, Lara comes to trust the man who’s kept her safe.

Whether the bond they forge in safety can survive when they return to the world is a matter of faith—in themselves and in each other.

Note: Explicit sex and violence.




A double rainbow: a new mafia series by a favorite author AND a character from another series that has grown up and got his own book – SIMPLE FAITH!

For those who’ve read The Pagano Family series, this is a dream come true.  We’ve been hoping for a series that crosses the pews and focuses on the mafia side of the Paganos.  If you haven’t read it no worries this book is written in a way you don’t need any prior knowledge to know what is happening.

Trey is the little boy from the first book in the other series who is now grown up and crossed over to the other side of the pew and is working for his Uncle Nick in the other Pagano family business: organized crime.

Lara has a brilliant brain and because of that, she’s a little quirky.  Well, the quirkiness doesn’t just come from that but some things that happened in her childhood.  Her brilliant brain is an asset to Nick and his operation.

To send a message to Don Nick another crime family hurts Lara. Trey is put in charge of making sure she’s safe by taking her away to a cabin.  During that time Lara grows to trust Trey.  Over time that trust turns to friendship and with that comes sparks of love.  Besides Lara’s oddities that their relationship must maneuver through there is also an 8 year age gap with Lara being older than Trey.

Trey and his father have some work to do to fix their relationship.  Carlo wasn’t happy to see his son decide to go to the ‘dark side’ of the family.  I loved seeing Carlo come to realize what he could have done differently and shared these words of wisdom with Trey: “So, I guess that’s what I’d say: see the son in front of you.  Don’t try to keep him the way he was, or make him the way you want him to be. Teach him to be good and strong and honest – with himself and others.  Teach him honor.  Teach him the value of work. But don’t expect him to be like you molded him from clay.”

Graphic: Lara (Clémence Poésy) and Trey (Alex Pettyfer)

SIMPLE FAITH is a new mafia series.  This series is a spinoff series from the Pagano Family series which is filled with different siblings in a big Italian-American family. In the end, it doesn’t matter if you’re reading about the family that goes to church and sits on the left side of the pews or the right side of the pews (one being on the straight and narrow, and the other involved in organized crime), it all comes down to FAMILY! The family’s bond can withstand anything thrown at it.  Both sides of the family have their own struggles but at the end of the day, they all love each other.  And if you love mafia romance then this is the book to read!

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