Strength & Courage by @sfanetti {double review – @Kimberley_Bee } 5 stars!!!

Strength & Courage
The Night Horde SoCal
Susan Fanetti


The only constant is change.

The Night Horde SoCal is the new charter of the Night Horde MC, one that rose up from the ashes of a violent war with a drug cartel. The Horde’s outlaw days ended with that war.

Muse, like many of his SoCal brothers, was a member of an MC that was destroyed in that fight. A former Nomad enforcer, he’s struggled to be settled in a straight life. But Southern California is his home, his family is now Horde, and he has responsibilities. So he keeps his head down and does his best to take care of his family and responsibilities.

Sidonie has recently moved to Madrone, the town where the Night Horde SoCal has set up its base, to begin her job as a social worker for San Bernardino County. It’s work she feels a sense of mission to do.

Muse and Sid meet under stressful circumstances, on opposite sides of a dilemma. When Muse tries to bring her to his side, a fire catches between them.

As their feelings for each other deepen, the work of the SoCal charter becomes dangerous again. But the club isn’t the only potential danger for Sid. Her own work carries risk, too.

Muse needs to keep her safe. Sid needs to stand on her own. They won’t have a future together until they find the place where those needs merge and make them stronger.

Strength & Courage is the first book in the Night Horde SoCal series. Though this series, and thus its backstory, spins off from the Signal Bend Series, and though key characters from that series appear here, this focus is on the SoCal charter. If you haven’t been to Signal Bend yet, you won’t be lost in Madrone.

Note: explicit sex & violence.

Foxy’s Review:

Strength & Courage is a new kind of Night Horde. They’re on the up-and-up in their little community of Southern California. They own and run a custom bike shop and also do some security work. This SoCal branch is much larger than the main branch in Missouri.


Muse is the quiet brother amongst his fellow club members. He’s a good man who has seen and done some bad things.

Sidonie is fresh on the job and wanting to make a difference for those who have no voice.

Paths are crossed when one of the Horde members has some issues that lands his child in the Department of Children and Family Services. Sidonie is the caseworker who is forced to look beyond the exterior to see the interior of these men who grace her workplace.

Through some crazy nighttime circumstances Muse ends up at Sid’s house where after the initial shock of the crisis has been averted these two hit it off. While things progress between the two of them Sid starts to question her involvement with this club. Her upbringing and lifestyle is the extreme opposite of everything the club has to offer.


One of the many things Ms. Fanetti does well with her female characters is she makes them strong. Her women are never damsels in distress but instead they portray strength and courage. The Fanetti Women are flawed women who are stable in their own personal selves. They are tough and at the same time supportive. I love that when I read her books I know I won’t be rolling my eyes at the leading ladies in the story.

Ms. Fanetti is like a best kept secret… she writes these fantastic books and publishes them about every six weeks without a bunch of fanfare. You won’t see any blog tours or major announcements about the books. But like a true subculture all of us, Ms. Fanetti fans, JUST KNOW when this stuff will be released. If you haven’t taken time to read any of her work please do. She has three series, as of right now: 2 mc’s and 1 Italian-American family. Start with any of her series and discover what the rest of already know- Ms. Fanetti’s writing is brilliant. The way she creates a family feeling, be it in a mc or one who has ties to the mafia, you’ll find yourself drawn into their world. All that to say- READ THIS BOOK. 🙂

Meet the men of Night Horde of SoCal Motorcycle Club(& their women):
Hoosier: President.
♥Bibi♥: Mama to the Horde family
Bart: (30ish years old) Vice President
♥Riley♥: movie star.
Connor: SAA. Hoosier’s son.
Lakota: Secretary & Treasurer.
Sherlock: Intelligence Officer.
Muse: (43 years old) patch. Somewhat of a mentor to Demon
Demon: patch. Hotheaded. Loose cannon but loyal.
♥Ingrid♥: model
Ronin: (50 years old) patch.
J.R.:patch. Only black member of of the Horde.

Strength & Courage (Night Horde SoCal, #1) by Susan Fanetti
Continuing story where secondary characters from the first book become the main focus in subsequent books.
Book 1 – Muse | Book 2 – Demon (expected release date March 15, 2015)
To find out if there will be more books in the series click here.

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Kim’s Review:

5+++ Stars!

Understated, emotional brilliance!

This book, much like all of Susan Fanetti‘s books left me completely emotionally spent. I have had a hard time moving on from it … My mind keeps wandering back to relive the beauty of Sidonie and Muse.

The story is a slow build. Sid and Muse meet under unusual and stressful circumstances, but that doesn’t stop the attraction. And even though their chemistry is off the charts, it’s the deep emotional connection that takes time and makes this story so very wonderful.

Just like the title, both main characters are incredibly strong and courageous. Muse is a quiet, self assured strength. Where as, Sidonie is an independant strength of survival. Together they are a compliment … A whole.

“I’m not trying to take you’re strength away from you. I’m trying to add mine to it. That’s what love is, right? That’s what family is.”

Even though this book is character driven, there are plenty of nerve wracking and panty melting scenes. At one point, the action was so intense that I was literally reading from between my fingers … I wanted so badly to cover my eyes … Talk about anxiety!
And of course, I cried. Yes, Susan Fanetti really knows how to turn me into a giant puddle of goo.

“I love you enough. I love you enough. I love you enough.”

I cannot give enough praise to this book … If you haven’t read SF’s Signal Bend series yet, that’s OK (I mean, you’re crazy & missing out on one of the absolute best series ever written) this book can be read as stand alone. But, I HIGHLY recommend you discover the magnificence of her work!


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Goodreads review with status updates ->
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