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As an enforcer for the Pagano Brothers, Tony Cioccolanti’s life is steeped in violence. For the most part, he feels no burden on his soul for the blood he spills or the pain he inflicts. He is a soldier, and blood and pain are the wages of war.

Yet one terrible mistake haunts him, in his dreams and in his waking hours.

Billy Jones has moved to Quiet Cove, the place of her happiest memories, to start a business and fulfill a dream. Having summered in the Cove through most of her childhood, she understands about the Pagano Brothers and their control of the town. Their interest in her nightclub doesn’t surprise her—nor does the “protection” payment they demand. The glowering goombah who visits her club regularly, however—he surprises her plenty.

She was not prepared for the attraction between them.

As Tony and Billy draw closer, Tony’s violent life, and the Pagano Brothers’ brutal world, explodes on the streets of the Cove.

War has come, and its wages are due.



The Pagano Brothers series is slaying it. Each book is so good. The newest edition, Accidental Evils, is so engrossing.

”Old sins have long shadows.” 

Tony is the enforcer for the Pagano Brothers and he is knee-deep in violence. The lifestyle of violence was introduced to him young by his crappy father who took his frustration out on him. Tony learned to channel that violence and when he was old enough he began working for the don. In Tony’s line of work, there has only been one killing that haunts him. It’s something he grapples with daily.

Billy comes from wealth and privilege. Her family is the elite of the elite. When her grandfather passed away he left his children and grandchildren an inheritance. That money allowed Billy to go to Quiet Cove which is where she remembers being the happiest place from her childhood. She opens a nightclub under the watchful eye of the town’s local stronghold: the Pagano Brothers. 

Billy was also unfortunate in the dad department. Her dad is crappy but not in a violent way. He introduced drugs and alcohol to her when she was a teenager. He later abandoned her to pursue his own dreams. Luckily, like Tony, she was able to better herself and not spiral out of control. West Egg, the nightclub she opened, is her focus and determination to be a person of worth. She determined not to rely on her family’s money to create something she could be proud of. 

Neither one of them is looking or wanting a relationship when they meet. Tony doesn’t have time or space in his life for a relationship and the same could be said about Billy. Fortunately, both of them are furiously independent and neither is a pushover. Sparks fly when neither one of them is willing to step down from a confrontation over something happening at West Egg. The chemistry heats up between them. 

ACCIDENTAL EVILS is the third book in the Pagano Brothersmafia series. This series is a spinoff series from the Pagano Family series which is filled with different siblings in a big Italian-American family. In the end, it doesn’t matter if you’re reading about the family that goes to church and sits on the left side of the pews or the right side of the pews (one being on the straight and narrow, and the other involved in organized crime), it all comes down to FAMILY! The men in this series have their own personal burdens that allow them to grow into the men readers fall in love with. Lovers of mafia romance will want to check out this series!

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