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Susan Fanetti


Eastern Kentucky, 1937.

After the death of her husband, Ada Donovan returned home to live again with her aging parents. She does all she can to help them keep the small family farm going. But times are hard, and there’s never enough.

During one of her infrequent visits to town, she sees a help-wanted notice for the Pack Horse Librarian Project, seeking librarians to ride up high in the mountains and bring books to the people there. Before her marriage, Ada was a teacher, and the thought of returning to the work she loved is impossible to resist. The mountains are her favorite place, books are her great joy, and her horse is her best friend.

But not everyone on the mountain is happy to see her.

Living in a crumbing cabin at the highest, most isolated point of Ada’s route, there’s a family that catches her attention. The father keeps to the shadows. There is no mother to dote on the happy, curious children. But soon Ada comes to love them just as fiercely as the woman they lost.

And makes it her mission to bring them the world.


Now available in audiobook version! (10/15/2019)


I’ve had the pleasure to both read this book and listen to it, and I have to say either way it’s one of the best books I’ve read.

“The Pack Horse Library Project was a Works Progress Administration program that delivered books to remote regions in the Appalachian Mountains between 1935 and 1943. Women were very involved in the project which eventually had 30 different libraries serving 100,000 people.”

Carry the World is set in 1937 in Kentucky’s Appalachian mountain area. Ada is a widow who is taking care of her ailing parents. A job opportunity arises for a Pack Horse Librarian which would allow her struggling family a little breathing room. Ada took on the job to carry the world of books to isolated areas in the vast mountain range. Her path leads her to a widower and his children. Their journey to happiness is not an easy one but one that feels authentic.

Carry the World is a standalone historical romance set 100 years ago in the remote Appalachian mountains. It transforms a real event, Pack Horse Librarians, and throws in a dash of romance to recreate what it might have been like back in those long-ago days. If you are a lover of books and romance then this book has your name written all over it. Read or Listen to it, either way, you won’t be disappointed.

To learn more about the ‘Pack Horse Librarians Project’ NPR did a 6-minute talk on it.…

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