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Reading in the Red Room & I love Susan Fanetti’s new series called Night Horde SoCal.  We think it’s fabulous and want others to experience it too.  If you have read one of these six books listed below and have left a review on amazon share the link to your Amazon review in the rafflecopter for a chance to win a $10 amazon gift card.  We are giving away 2 -$10 Amazon gift cards to two lucky participants.  If you’ve read more than one book from the series make sure to enter each review to increase your chances of winning.

    Dream & Dare (The Night Horde SoCal, #3.5) Knife & Flesh Rest & Trust (Night Horde S...
Click book cover for the blurb on Amazon.

Rest & Trust is scheduled to release on September 12th. You can pre-order the book by clicking the book cover above.  Because we want everyone to have time to read and leave an Amazon review the giveaway is going to run until September 20th.  Three and half weeks to review as many as you can from the Night Horde Series.  Bookmark this page for easy access to link your reviews in the series.


Ms. Fanetti answered 20 questions in a fan group on FB.  You’re a welcome to  join us at FANetties  fan page.

1. How much of what we read is from personal experiences and how much is from your imagination?

The club story—that’s all research and imagination. My life has had its fairly ups and its very downs, but it is overall sooooo much calmer and safer than the Horde. Wowza.

The Paganos have a bit more of my personal experience in the family story, though my Italian-American family isn’t from anyplace nearly as cool as the Rhode Island coast.
To read the rest of her answer go here.

2.  How many hours a day do you write?
Well, that depends. On writing days (depending on my day job and family schedules, that’s four to seven days/week), I write a chapter a day, no more or less.
To read the rest of her answer go here.

3. Do you ever get any responses from the MC world when you publish your books? Do they find them true to life?
I’ve gotten a couple of notes from old ladies, and they’ve been complimentary about how I present the family culture. No one in the outlaw MC world, as far as I know.
To read the rest of her answer go here.

4. I love that you write really great women characters. Where do your ideas for them come from?
I guess the first thing to say is that I write for myself first and foremost—I write stories I want to read and worlds I want to live in, and I write about people I want to hang out with. So the things I personally value, I’m sure, inform all of that.
To read the rest of her answer go here.

5. I’m new here and I’m not sure who Lola is? A co-writer?
Lola is the name of my muse. There’a a (good, I hope) reason I talk about her like she’s a different person.
To read the rest of her answer go here.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Recap of the rules:
1. Link your Amazon review in the rafflecopter for any of the books in Night Horde SoCal series
2.  You can gain more entries by entering more reviews for any books in Night Horde SoCal series
3.  Each Amazon review for the Night Horde SoCal series can be entered separately
4. Only Night Horde SoCal reviews qualify
5. It doesn’t matter how long ago  you posted the review to Amazon… enter the link on the rafflecopter
6. You don’t have to purchase the book from Amazon to leave a product review

Graphic guidelines:
1. Up to 5 entries using a quote provided (quotes are from Rest & Trust)
2. One entry per quote
3. One quote per graphic
4. Share the graphic on social media (facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc).
On a side note- can be shared in our FB group but to count it must also be shared in a public area on FB

Quotes from Rest & Trust to use in your graphics

Quote #1 –  “When we fuck, I make you come.”

Quote #2 – “You’re not needy. You need. It’s different.”

Quote #3 –  …then he kissed her. She loved the way he did that. Not just the way his mouth moved with hers, which was fucking fantastic, but the way he pulled her body so closely to his that she had to bend backward, the way he curled over her, compensating for his greater height.

Quote #4 –  “Because I like you, little outlaw. Spikes and all.”

Quote #5 –  “Still, sweetheart. I’ll let you know when I want you to move.”

Quote #6 – “Easy, little outlaw. You’re trying too hard. Let it come. Let me bring it to you.”

Quote #7 – They’d been together for three-ish weeks, depending on what start date counted. He counted from the day of the protest. She counted from the day he’d shown up at her apartment and fucked her silly.

Quote #8 –  “Jesus fuck, little outlaw,” he panted. “You learn fast.”
“Honor student, remember?”

Quote #9 – “Love hurts.”
“Yeah. I guess that’s why they write songs about that.”

Quote #10 – “I’m keeping you safe, Sadie. I’ll always keep you safe.”

Quote #11 – “You mean something to me. You mean everything to me.”

Pay it forward… the best way to let an author know you appreciate their work is by leaving a review.

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