Only Pretend

Only Pretend Book Cover Only Pretend
Nora Flite


I had a plan. I also had no family, no friends, and definitely no jerk of an ex-boyfriend who thought I was boring. 
I was tired of being me. 
In Vegas, I could be anything. 

And then I saw him. 
His hungry smile wanted a taste of the new me. 
Only a boring person would have said no. 

It was reckless to follow a stranger to his bed. Dangerous to take the drink he handed me. I thought the worst regret I'd have would be a hangover, a walk of shame through the hotel. 

Except I didn't wake up in the hotel. 
Or in Vegas. 

I doubt my face will end up in the news. “Woman missing,” the headline would say. “A stupid person who thought she could be someone else.” 

I'm not someone else. I was only playing pretend. 

Too bad he was playing for keeps. 

Foxy's Review:

**3.5 stars**

Only Pretend flirts on the edge of darkness.

Vegas, the city of sin, becomes the playground for Leonide to find his clients their ideal woman. While newly dumped,Celeste, decides to change her boring looks and attitude she heads to Vegas to show her ex that she can be someone exciting.

Under the guise of matchmaking a tradition is passed down from father to son. But when questioned about this tradition Leonide must look deep in himself to understand why this tradition is important to him. 

“Do you understand why I do what I do? Saving people from themselves. That’s what I’m doing.”

Release date: 6/9/2014
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**Complimentary copy courtesy of the author, Nora Flite, in exchange for an honest review.**

Author: Foxy

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