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(Bergman Brothers #2)

Chloe Liese



Get ready for an emotional ride filled with laughter, longing, and a sweet slow-burn in this sports romance about love’s power not in spite of difference, but because of it.


The moment I met her, I knew Frankie Zeferino was someone worth waiting for. Deadpan delivery, secret heart of gold, and a rare one-dimpled smile that makes my knees weak, Frankie has been forbidden since the day she and I became coworkers, meaning waiting has been the name of my game—besides, hockey, that is.

I’m a player on the team, she’s on staff, and as long as we work together, dating is off-limits. But patience has always been my virtue. Frankie won’t be here forever—she’s headed for bigger, better things. I just hope that when she leaves the team and I tell her how I feel, she won’t want to leave me behind, too.


I’ve had a problem at work since the day Ren Bergman joined the team: a six foot three hunk of happy with a sunshine smile. I’m a grumbly grump and his ridiculously good nature drives me nuts, but even I can’t entirely ignore that hot tamale of a ginger with icy eyes, the perfect playoff beard, and a body built for sin that he’s annoyingly modest about.

Before I got wise, I would have tripped over myself to get a guy like Ren, but with my diagnosis, I’ve learned what I am to most people in my life—a problem, not a person. Now, opening my heart to anyone, no matter how sweet, is the last thing I’m prepared to do.

Always Only You is an opposites-attract, forbidden love sports romance about a nerdy, late-blooming hockey star, and his tough cookie coworker who keeps both her soft side and her autism diagnosis* to herself. Complete with a meddling secretary, tantric yoga torture, and a scorching slow burn, this standalone is the second in a series of novels about a Swedish-American family of five brothers, two sisters, and their wild adventures as they each find happily ever after.

*This is an #OwnVoices story for its portrayal of autism by an autistic author.


Always Only You intrigued me when I heard that the heroine, Frankie, has rheumatoid arthritis. I’m a mother of a child who has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. When I read about how people called Frankie a faker I felt that in the chest. When my daughter was toddling around other parents would say that her limping was because she was faking it. Unfortunately, my daughter wasn’t faking it, and even to this day as a young adult, she is still dealing with rheumatoid arthritis. I did tell her about this book because it’s the first time I’ve read a romance where one of the characters has RA.

The hero, Ren, was perfect for Frankie. He was a cinnamon roll of a guy – sweet, caring, and huggable. Growing up in a big family taught him how to have patience and to look out for others. He saved himself for the right one which is why the title fits this book perfectly.

♦ grumpy (heroine) / sunshine (hero)
♦ sports romance (hockey)
♦ autistic and rheumatoid arthritis
♦ slow burn
♦ virgin
♦ #OwnVoices (autism)
♦ standalone

Bergman Brothers series can be read as standalone. The Bergman’s are a Swedish-American family of five brothers and two sisters.

The birth order of 5 brothers and 2 sisters:
1) Freya
2) Axel
3) Ren
4) Ryder
5) Viggo
6) Oliver
7) Ziggy

#1 Ryder – Only When It’s Us
#2 Ren & Frankie – Always Only You
#3 Freya – Ever After Always
#4 Alex – With You Forever (releasing 2021)

The author has said, “All the Bergman siblings are getting books.” You can keep watch on this page for when more books are released.

Audiobook source: Hoopla
Narrator: CJ Bloom & Nelson Hobbs
Length: 10H 18M

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