Review – Camouflage by @AuthorAngelicaC

Camouflage (Predator and Prey, #1)

Camouflage by Angelica Chase

4.5 Stars

Is there anything better than an erotic, dark thriller? I don’t think so.

Angelica Chase has introduced me to a brand of writing that I just can’t get enough of. She creates intoxicating erotic romance and then twists it together with an insanely alarming story-line. Her characters are all so deeply flawed … they’re spectacular!

I really wasn’t sure what to expect out of this book. After the first chapter I was worried it was just going to be a run-of-the-mill bit of erotica. Not even close! This book took me on an amazing, thrilling and downright scary adventure. I NEED more!

I’ve been promised that an ending is in the works … is it wrong of me to pace impatiently while it’s being written? Angelica Chase has my one-click devotion!

***Thank you to the author for a complimentary copy of this book.***


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