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Penny Reid

Part 1: Attraction

I joined the Hoopla mania a week ago and ever since then I’ve been excited to find favorite authors books available for me to borrow.

For those who don’t know what Hoopla is here’s a description:

Hoopla is the digital service of Midwest Tape, a leading provider of entertainment media products and services: DVDs, CDs, audiobooks and shelf-ready solutions, to public libraries across North America for over a quarter of a century. Our purpose has always been to partner with libraries in delivering the best content to patrons in the most streamlined manner possible. Through the years, we’ve cultivated a growing passion for the evolving public library.

Hoopla digital builds on that passion by providing public libraries of all sizes the ability to offer patrons an enormous selection of digital video (movies and TV shows), music, audiobooks, ebooks and comics to their patrons. For these libraries, we’ve pioneered a unique model that allows patrons to borrow content immediately, removing artificial availability constraints and maximizing the power of digital content and Internet distribution. Technologically, we focus on the latest browser, phone, tablet, and TV products to deliver the best possible experience to our user – our passion – the public library patron.

When I saw the Elements of Chemistry series available I quickly one clicked it.

The opening scene was great. The heroine, Kaitlyn is hiding in the lab cupboard at her college and overhears a nasty plot to ruin her lab partner, Martin. Martin is the popular, rich and handsome guy while Katy is more of your wallflower type. After working together long term in the lab there’s an Attraction that Martin wants to explore and Katy is hesitant because she knows there has to be more than just lust to make a relationship work.

I really enjoyed the clever dialogue that Penny Reid brings to her books. Elements of Chemistry is a three-part series revolving around Martin and Kaitlyn.

Part 2: Heat

HEAT is the continuation of a 3 part series. In this second part, Martin & Kaitlyn are still on vacation with a few days left before they head back to school. Their feelings have intensified for each other and with any good romance, there’s opposition and tension. Both of their families come into play in this installment and have caused Martin & Kaitlyn to identify with what they really want for their future.

Because this is a 3 parter this ends on a cliffhanger but luckily all 3 books are out so there’s no waiting to find out what happens next.

Elements of Chemistry is a three-part series revolving around Martin and Kaitlyn.

Part 3: Capture


CAPTURE is the final installment in this Elements of Chemistry series. I had the pleasure of listen to this series.

While this segment had one of the things that frustrate me in books I still enjoyed the series. I’m not a fan when there’s a lack of communication that is the cause of tension. Katy drove me nuts when she wouldn’t look beyond her insecurities to see what was right in front of her.

If you’re looking for nerdy couple don’t miss Martin & Katy. They’re adorable together.

Elements of Chemistry is a three-part series revolving around Martin and Kaitlyn.

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